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FEBRUARY 6, 2022
                       License #PC 588
                 WHO WAS THAT MASKED MAN?
              Hi Ho! Environ Control!
       • General Pest Control: ants, roaches, centipedes, millipede
     Wayne Koide President
Stacy Bautista Vice President
s, fleas, ticks, slug & snail
• Rodent Control - Mice, Rats
• Drywood Termite Spot Treatment
• Ground Termite Control with the Sentricon Termite Colony
ESTIMATES 808-678-07
   Elimination System
                TAKE BACK YOUR HOME again...
           A Mid to High-end Architectural Design Firm Specializing in:
• Permitting & Third Party Review Services
• Architectural Design & Planning
• Custom Home Design
Architect Jimmy Wu offers practical
tips and advice
for building your own home.
                 PROWORKPACIFIC.COM (808) 304-8871
100 N. Beretania St., Ste 114 Honolulu, HI 96817
           can provide you with win- dows that are best suited for protection from hur- ricanes and flying debris. These windows include laminate glass — similar to what is used in your car windshield — withstanding winds up to 200 mph. The beauty of these windows is that even if flying debris were to break the window, the plastic film between the panes will keep the window intact without flying shards of glass. If you have seen a car in an accident with a broken windshield you can see that while broken, the glass remains intact.
You can choose to use the hurricane glass for all of your windows, or for a select “safe room.”
While there are window manufacturers besides Leahi that can provide hurricane laminate glass, we prefer the Leahi system. In addition to the quality of the brand, it has the most comprehen- sive and inclusive warranty in Hawaii. The warranty in- cludes all components of the window including screens, hardware and accidental glass breakage. Unlike most brands where coverage is not included if you live within 2 miles of saltwater, the Amerimax window has no such limitations.
If you are interested in finding out more about Diamond Head Windows, Amerimax windows or the other brands we offer, visit
our website or showroom where you can see the va- riety of windows available to you.
We also offer a free con- sultation and estimate ser- vice where we can come to your home to inspect your existing windows, show you the options that are avail- able to you and provide you with an itemized estimate for replacing all, or selected windows and sliding doors in your home.
Diamond Head Windows also provides financing with
options of 0% interest and options to keep monthly payments low.
Take advantage of our sales and special promo- tions to make your home more secure, comfortable, quiet and safe with Dia- mond Head Windows. Feel free to call our office to get your questions answered and to set up an in-home consultation and estimate.
Diamond Head Windows: The more you know about windows, the better we look.
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