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FEBRUARY 6, 2022
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With the winter weather and rain we have been
experiencing, most are not looking toward the sum- mer months. But if you are considering preparing your home for the summer heat and hurricane season, now is the time to prepare.
Diamond Head Windows’ Leahi dual-pane window system is the best solu- tion for keeping your home cooler in hot weather, as it will insulate your home from the majority of radiant heat and drop your overall inside temperature markedly.
Additionally, it will cut harmful ultraviolet rays by 95% to keep your floors,
do for your home. These win-fo
dows are custom built to fitric exactly into your existingTh openings without the needla for additional construction. w
The Leahi dual-pane glasswi system is in the top 5% ofwi windows in its ability to re-be duce heat, noise and ultra-is violet light. When you usewe these windows in conjunc-th tion with air conditioning,pa studies show that it willint reduce your energy bill byof up to 33%. These windowsa exceed the Energy Star re-br quirements for windowsse and qualify for tax creditsgla when available.
Diamond Head Windows“sa
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 furniture and artwork from fading. It will also cut out unwanted noise.
We can use the dual-pane windows in sliding doors and any style of window
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