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   Building a comfortable home
Building a house that feels like home from the moment one en-
ters the front door is a real joy. In ways that are not always immediately visible, there’s more to comfort than plush seating, luxurious pillows and warm accent lighting. Ac- cording to Ryan Graham, vice president of operations for Graham Builders in Honolulu, thoughtful design and con- struction not only provides beauty and customization, it provides decades of content- ment and enjoyment for the
“That happens through
personalization — design and building a home for specific individual or family needs,” explains Graham.
He shares the story of a new Oahu home recently constructed by Graham Builders for a multi-genera- tional household. With three generations of one family un- der the same roof, the home- owners were concerned about privacy, acoustics and comfort.
“We installed QuietRock (a sound-reducing drywall) and sound-abating insula- tion between the floors to mitigate sound transfer from grandkids running around upstairs,” Graham recalls. “We also installed upgraded fiberglass windows for lon- gevity, and worked with the homeowner to install smart home technologies for effi- ciency and convenience.”
The standard interior doors installed by Graham Builders in every home are a comfortable 3 feet wide, as opposed to the accepted standard of 2 feet 6 inches.
Graham Builders also uses radiant roof sheathing in its projects, as opposed to standard plywood because roof sheathing reduces heat transfer to living areas, which decreases energy consump- tion.
“High design and mate- rial standards are really im- portant to us,” says Graham. “And we’re conscientious about avoiding shortcuts and quick fixes.”
Understanding the impor- tance of homeowner con- fidence and trust, Graham encourages those who are planning construction proj- ects to educate themselves as much as possible.
“Most people who embark on a home construction project are unprepared for the rigors of the process,” he says. “I think this is due to their misunderstanding of ‘construction’ as a simple process — easily defined
and quickly built.”
As a service to the commu-
nity, Graham Builders hosts a free seminar designed to help homeowners efficiently navigate the design and con- struction processes. Called Building Your Home For Life, each seminar presents information that isn’t typi- cally part of the conversa- tion between builders and homeowners.
What most people don’t realize, Graham explains, is that every construction project is unique — a one-off, custom undertaking that re- quires intense planning to cir- cumvent any problems that might arise during building.
“Problems equal cost while building, so it’s smart to educate yourself so you’ll
be aware of pitfalls and red flags during planning that may have an impact during construction,” he suggests. “A home construction project is one of the biggest invest- ments in one’s lifetime, so it makes sense to gather and analyze all available informa- tion before committing to a design/builder.”
A leader in the design and construction of multi-gener- ational homes and aging-in- place design, Graham Build- ers is the recipient of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii Torch Award for eth- ics in small business. Its next free Building Your Home for Life seminar is scheduled for March 12. Register now at or call 808-593-2808.
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