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AUGUST 22, 2021
Some of the most in- teresting and impres- sive design/build proj-
ects in the industry involve breathtaking features that are visible from the street.
And, still, others incorpo- rate little touches that most people never see; interior features that the homeown- ers use — and celebrate — ev- ery single day. Inside an Aina Haina design/build project completed recently by Atlas Construction, a number of added features have helped create a truly customized home, filled with touches that are as clever and useful as they are beautiful.
“This was a demolition and rebuild, the second project we’re doing for this family,” explains Rodney Kim, vice- president of the award-win- ning Honolulu design/build firm, as he shares a photo tour of the completed home. “We remodeled their first house about five years ago, and they called us back to work on this project.”
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Spanning approximately 3,800 square feet, the proj- ect involved construction of a home with six bedrooms, four bathrooms and an up- stairs ADU.
“There was a lot of custom work involved,” says Kim.
That’s a bit of an under- statement. From the mo- ment one opens the enor- mous etched glass door into the comfortable home, special features abound.
“You see that beautiful paneling?” Kim asks, point-
ing out a gorgeous wall of reclaimed redwood in the dining area. “That was actu- ally part of the old home that the homeowners wanted to keep, so we took those boards and made an accent wall for them.”
In the kitchen, sleek high- end appliances include wall-mounted convection ovens and a pair of built- in refrigerators with panels and fixtures that match the cabinets. A pale blue porce- lain tile backsplash above the sink and oven echoes the shade of the enormous
kitchen island, gorgeously painted in Delft blue. There’s plenty of storage, light and ample conveniences; it would be a pleasure to cook in this room.
“And check this out!” says Kim. “See the doors to the left of the refrigerators?”
Between the double fridges and a handy but- ler’s counter, a pair of doors opens to reveal a deep and spacious hidden pantry.
It’s a delightful feature, repeated just around the corner, where a set of built- in curio shelves with a cup-
board underneath swing open to reveal a big linen and storage closet.
From start to finish, re- ports Kim, including demoli- tion of the old residence and design and construction of the new home, the project took about a year to com- plete.
As a full-service design and build contracting firm, Atlas Construction has the personnel and expertise to handle all aspects of each new project. With specialists in areas like Aging-in-Place, Universal Design and Green Building Science, the firm is known for helping families with specific needs and de- sires for their home designs,
and for creative custom fea- tures that expand a home’s functionality and value.
“We’re careful about get- ting to know the families who trust us enough to build their homes; to best under- stand how we can make those homes comfortable, beautiful and functional for each family,” comments Kim. “Custom features can really enhance a family’s enjoy- ment of a home — especially if they’re designed with an intimate understanding of that family’s lifestyle.”
Award-winning Honolulu design and build firm At- las Construction hosts free monthly seminars and open house events that showcase recently completed proj- ects.
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