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   Clean Solar Panels Hawaii
 You wash you car, why not your solar panels?
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   Be sure to protect your panels
Cleaning your panels and ensuring your system is working
properly can protect your production warranty. Some solar power manufacturers require ongoing cleaning to honor the warranty.
Keeping solar panels clean can also improve their effi- ciency. Some manufacturers and solar panel users report a jump in efficiency of 30% or more after cleaning. It’s a good idea to keep track of your energy output before and after cleaning because that alone can be enough motivation to get your pan- els cleaned.
Cleaning your solar panels extends their life. Solar panel cleaning is a great chance to
check them and make sure they are in good condition. Keeping them clean also en- sures they will last as long as possible — in some cases, 20- 25 years.
Many people assume their solar panels will be cleaned when it rains. Unfortunately, much like your vehicle or house windows, this is not the case. Have you ever noticed your vehicle in the days after a rainstorm? It might seem a lit- tle cleaner at first, but then it’s likely to have a film on it. This is especially true for the wind- shield. Rainwater is not pure water, and the dirt it leaves behind needs to be washed off of your solar panels.
Depending on where you live, your solar panels could
require cleaning up to twice a year. One way to extend the time between cleanings is with a special solar panel coat- ing that chemically bonds to the glass, transforming it into a high-performance, hydro- phobic surface that protects against corrosion, staining and etching.
Glass is a naturally porous surface that allows hard water and mineral contaminants to easily penetrate and cause unwanted staining and cor- rosion. The coating seals the surface of the glass for longer-lasting beauty, with far less maintenance. The patented, two-step technol- ogy creates a covalent bond by filling in the microscopic ridges and is then “capped” and sealed to enhance the surface’s smoothness.
Clean Solar Panels Hawaii offers a DFI coating. Once the DFI coating comes into con- tact with silica in the glass, an
invisible, ultra-thin protective layer is formed, creating a permanent bond. Once ap- plied to the surface, it will also guard against environmental pollutants, etching from min- erals, and weathering and im- prove impact resistance.
The coating provides these key benefits:
• Water and environmental stain resistant
• Requires less frequent cleanings
• Scratch and impact re- sistant
• Increased energy effi- ciency
• 100% optically clear and UV resistant
• Lifetime warranty on resi- dential solar panels
• LEED certified.
Clean Solar Panels Hawaii is the exclusive installer for DFI coating in the state. Contact us today for more information at 808-454-7565 or cleanso-
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