Pottery is one of the most versatile design elements. Functional yet aesthetic, it has a wide range of styles, finishes, sizes and colors.

“What I love about pottery is that it is art that works for you,” said Andrew Dedrick, Geobunga executive director. “You can use it indoors and out, as a water feature with blooming water lilies or to build an aquaponic garden. You can create a modern container garden filled with fresh, flowering plants, or grow your produce for cooking … all in beautiful pots.”

Geobunga has the largest collection of pottery in the state, with thousands of pieces in hundreds of styles and colors. This summer, Hawaii’s best pottery source will bring in up to 1,000 new pots each week to ensure visitors have a plethora of pots to choose from.

“Pottery can reinvigorate a space, such as an entry way. With a few pots in various sizes and complimentary color, you can revitalize a drab space immediately,” Dedrick said.


Pottery has endless uses for your home, office or garden. Here are some of its benefits:

As an accent piece. With the wide range of colors and finishes, pottery can be used to tie together competing colors, or contrast with the flowers of the foliage planted inside it.

• To add color. If you have a sterile office environment, a deep red pot with a graceful white orchid and its green leaves can immediately bring warmth and beauty to the space.

• To create a focal point. A large, majestic pot with running water or overflowing with fresh growing flowers can command the attention in your garden or front entry.

• As a working garden. Container gardening is all the rage these days. One can choose specific pots in a range of colors or complimentary colors to create a working vegetable garden, even in something as small as a kitchen window box or a postage-stamp sized lanai. And produce grown in pots often is easier to take care of, can be moved to direct more or less sunlight to the plant and is less susceptible to bugs.

• To make a personalized water feature. The gardening experts at Geobunga often help customers plumb pots to create a calming water feature by adding a bamboo spout. The sound of water running can bring serenity to any home, garden or office.

“You can truly express yourself with pottery,” Dedrick said. “If you like purple, you gather a variety of sizes and finishes in a range of lavender to deep purple hues to dress up your garden or create an indoor display. And at Geobunga, we have the best prices and best selection in the state, so you can easily and often design or redesign any space at home or work.”

Geobunga has pottery starting as low as $1 ranging up to a few hundred dollars.

“This summer, every week brings something new to discover at Geobunga, as we will have multiple containers arriving throughout the month with thousands of pieces from across Asia,” Dedrick said. “We encourage anyone looking for inspiration to come down and get lost in our world of pottery.”


Geobunga turns the ordinary into extraordinary as Hawaii’s best resource for anyone looking to enhance their outdoor experience. Providing unique garden elements from around the world, Geobunga specializes in stone pavers and benches, decorative rocks, ceramic pots, fountains, and bamboo accents, including a variety of plants. With the best prices, selection and service in the state, Geobunga has something for everyone.

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