You have seen it and lived with it nearly every day of your life. It’s all around us. It’s in our homes. It’s in the buildings that we work in, the beautiful sculptural facades in our cities, the bridges and roads we drive on and the sidewalks we walk on.

The foundation of modern lifestyles — concrete — accomplishes so much for us with natural materials found everywhere. Rocks, pebbles, fine sand and processed limestone are transformed into concrete to enable the construction of structures that beautify and support our lives. Chances are, whether you know it or not, you are standing or sitting on a concrete surface right now. Very likely, concrete is under your feet, hidden beneath that carpet, tile or wood flooring of the room in which you’re reading this article.

The enduring structural abilities of concrete have been known and used by both ancient and modern constructors for thousands of years. In the past, concrete has been used only as a base material over which other flooring materials are placed. However, because of new advances in diamond polishing, hardening and coloring, concrete can be used as a stunning finish flooring material unlike any other.


Lokahi’s diamond-polished concrete flooring is the result of concrete being mechanically and chemically refined with the aid of diamond tooling. The end result is a colorful, sealed and polished surface. Diamond polishing can easily transform any concrete surface into a stylish and sustainable floor. Not only can newly poured concrete be polished, if you have existing concrete under that carpet, tile or wood surface, it can be polished as well, bringing out the beauty that is concealed right under your feet.

At Lokahi Concrete Polishing, we understand that in many ways concrete can be a lot like people. It can have imperfections and still be something beautiful at the same time. Every concrete floor will have imperfections but still have inherent beauty and, like people, every concrete floor is different. A diamond-polished concrete floor has character. It can reflect our unique personality with quality and beauty. We already have concrete under our carpet, tile or wood, or in the case of new construction, we plan to pour it. Why not have it be our finished flooring material instead of covering up its beautiful character? Why hide it beneath the common materials when you can proudly display your concrete and enjoy it?

Traditional flooring materials such as carpet, linoleum and wood are usually placed over a concrete base. Several times over the lifetime of a structure, these materials wear out and must be replaced, and the expense can be significant over the lifetime of a building. Both removal and replacement have their own set environmental impacts as well. The flooring material removed has to be sent to the landfill, and the replacement material must be manufactured and shipped from its origin to the point of installation. And as we all know, we have precious little landfill space left in the Islands, and every step in manufacturing and transportation of flooring materials adds to the greenhouse gasses in our atmosphere. A diamond-polished concrete floor will last the lifetime of a building simply by re-polishing it, eliminating the expense and environmental impact of manufacturing and shipping materials from far away.

Lokahi diamond-polished concrete is stain-resistant, easy to maintain, can be colored and designed to match your taste, and over its lifetime, is one of the most affordable, durable and sustainable flooring options available today. Lokahi’s diamond-polished concrete is good for your sense of style, your budget, the planet and our Islands.

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