Curb appeal, safety and quality. What do these words mean to you? As a homeowner you realize your home is probably your greatest asset — not only providing you shelter, but also providing you equity on your investment. Therefore it is important to take care of your investment as you would your own health.

Curb appeal is the most noticeable asset of your home. The wrong garage door will spoil the entire look of your home, and an inferior door just won’t hold up.


Martin Garage Doors are built to be the last door you’ll ever need for your home. Our experienced staff help you select the right door for your home, one that will complement the look of your home and add value. One of our customers on Maui selected a Martin Door system because he wanted a special look for their home. In addition to the garage door, Martin Garage Doors Hawaii was able to provide matching entry doors for the breezeway and matching gates. Needless to say, the wow factor was noticed by all who drove by.

Safety has always been priority No. 1 at Martin Door Manufacturing. Our door systems come equipped with the most safety features of any garage door system on the market. Among them is our exclusive soft touch reverse technology ™, which reverses a descending door with just a soft touch, eliminating the need for photo eyes. When opening, the door and opener system will stop with just a soft touch — eliminating the appeal for children to ride the door while it opens.

Martin Garage Doors Hawaii also takes pride in the quality of our product and service.


“It’s no accident we build our doors to a higher standard,” states David Martin, owner of Martin Door Manufacturing. “That means our customers can count on a door which provides safety, and long-lasting curb appeal.”

We encourage all of our customers to compare the quality of our doors to others on the market. They soon find out that our doors give them better value for their dollar.

To learn more, visit www.martin or stop by the company showroom at 2839 Kilihau St. in Honolulu.



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