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APRIL 17, 2022
                                                       BY CAROLINE WRIGHT
Over the past three decades, Graham Builders has cre-
ated scores of comfortable homes that fit the unique needs of multigenerational families.
Not long ago, a multi- generational ohana in Kaneohe found it neces- sary to expand their home to meet the needs of their growing family. With Gra- ham Builders, they were able to keep their family together in comfort, while providing privacy for each nuclear family group.
Like many island fami- lies, this project consisted of the homeowner sharing
her residence with her oha- na. With three generations, including a granddaughter and her husband, all living together, and with the addi- tion of a new great-grand- daughter, the family real- ized it needed more space.
To make everything offi- cial, the homeowner added her granddaughter to the property’s title.
“Right away, the grand- daughter and her husband started investigating fi- nancing possibilities,” ex- plains Ryan Graham, vice president of operations for Graham Builders. “The entire family began talking seriously about the proj- ect, because they all un- derstood that their whole
group needed to provide input to make it work.”
Through that process, the family decided to work with a company that would handle everything: design, coordination, permitting, construction and warran- ty. They met with Graham Builders for a free project evaluation, attended one of the firm’s free monthly seminars, and liked what they saw and heard.
“When the young couple learned about our collabor-
ative process and the steps we take to safeguard each project, they decided to hire Graham Builders for their addition,” says Graham.
The results are a home that offers her granddaugh- ter a private sanctuary to raise her family. The custom addition — designed and built by Graham Builders — includes three bedrooms, all with spectacular views of the Koolaus. Since the addition was built over an uncovered patio, the space
below has been trans- formed into a large, covered lanai. The master suite in- cludes a full bathroom with low-step shower and ample walk-in closet. The remod- eled family room in the old house has been converted into a living room, wet bar and stairway.
“It’s spacious, comfort- able and perfect for their needs,” observes Graham. “Sharing family property has provided this grand- daughter an affordable answer to the high cost of home ownership.”
Graham Builders’ focus on collaboration, applied with more than 30 years of experience, made this, like scores of its other mul- tigenerational projects, a success.
“Building space for mul- tigenerational families is
trickier than designing a home for a single, nuclear family,” reflects Graham. “Special consideration must be given to each fam- ily group.
“A successful project re- quires homeowners to work closely with their architec- tural designers,” he adds. “Every family has its own unique set of requirements and needs. Graham Build- ers takes pride in knowing that each of our custom projects results in homes that fit the special needs of the family.”
A leader in the design and construction of multigenera- tional homes and aging-in- place design, Graham Build- ers is the recipient of the Better Business Bureau of Hawaii Torch Award for eth- ics in small business. The next free “Building Your Home for Life” seminar is scheduled for Saturday, May 7. Register now at or call 808-593-2808.

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