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FEBRUARY 13, 2022
        In this increasingly digi- tal world, there’s an app for just about every-
thing. People are glued to their smartphones, texting instead of talking, and, in general, interacting with technology more than they do with the living, breath- ing world around them. But there’s a cure for tech over- load: gardening. Whether you’re creating a vegetable garden in your backyard or planting flowers and herbs on your apartment bal- cony, it’s all about getting outside, feeling the sun on your face, and putting your hands into the soil.
If you find you’re des- perately in need of a break from devices, try gardening to get back in touch with what’s real.
If you’ve never gardened before, it might sound in- timidating, but just dive in.
Plant a flower in the ground or grow herbs on your win- dowsill and see what hap- pens. Sun, water and a little TLC is all it takes. You’ll find that gardening is an easy, enjoyable hobby that any- one can learn to do. And it’s good for your health, too. Here are four surpris- ing ways gardening is good for you.
Locally grown food is healthy. Eating local is on trend these days. What’s more local than your own backyard? Pick your veg- gies at the peak of ripe- ness and walk 20 feet to your table, rather than hav- ing them picked early and transported for 20 (or 200) miles to the grocery store. That means they’re full of flavor and freshness. You’re getting more nutrients, too.
The BOOST Collection are plants from Burpee that
include specially selected vegetables with higher anti- oxidants filled with vitamins A, C and E, beta-carotene, selenium and lycopene. An- other health benefit: grow- ing your own vegetables allows you to choose what fertilizers and pesticides come in contact with your food. Instead of paying more at the grocery store for organic produce, grow it at home for a fraction of the cost. And the convenience factor can’t be beat. Craving a salad for dinner? Pop out- side and pick some lettuce.
You’ll have more com- passion and less anxiety. Research has found that gardening creates com- passion toward others, less worry and anxiety, and lowers depression. Further, people who spend more time around plants are more likely to help others and en-
gage in social relationships. If you want to experience the satisfaction for your- self, start with something simple. Wave Petunias and Cool Wave Pansies are the perfect easy-maintenance, high-performance plants that are great for beginners!
Gardening combats lone- liness. Studies show that chronic loneliness increas- es your risk for all kinds of ailments, from stress hor- mones to inflammation to heart disease. Gardening combats loneliness by giv- ing us a sense of commu- nity as it allows us to come together to enjoy local gar- dens or meet fellow garden- ers in your neighborhood. Looking to go one step fur- ther? Start a weekly cook- ing group with friends using ingredients from your gar- dens! Get started with one of Burpee’s favorite recipes.
It counts as a workout. You might not think of gar- dening as a physical activity, but it gets your heart rate pumping. Whether you’re pulling weeds, lifting your Wave petunia planters or working the soil, research shows you’ll be burning 200
to 400 calories per hour. So, the next time you’re feeling digital fatigue, let gardening be your refuge. Your mind, body and spirit
will thank you.
This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.

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