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home improvements to enhance an evolving lifestyle
  Home is more than just where the heart is. Whether creating
an office, a socially distant gathering space or making room for a loved one to move in, people are using their homes in ways they may never have before. Ex- perts predict homeowners will focus on upgrades and home improvements that fit this evolving lifestyle in 2022 and beyond. In fact, the Leading Indicator for Remodeling Activity from Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies predicts a steady and sig- nificant rise in remodeling projects that is projected to reach $401 billion of an- nual spending by the third quarter of 2022.
If you’re looking to make some moves with home ren- ovation projects in the new year, here are five trending upgrades for 2022 that will have lasting impact.
You probably don’t spend much time using staircases compared to the rest of the house, so staircase design isn’t likely top of mind. How- ever, if you have dated car- pet on your stairs, you have a prime opportunity to revamp a central component of your home for a small investment. It could be as simple as in- stalling new treads, select- ing new paint for the walls or maybe a new stain on the trim. To go the extra mile, lo-
cal ironworkers are happy to custom fabricate a handrail. If you have kids in the house or older family members mov- ing in, keep safety in mind on stairs to help them navigate your home with ease.
It’s amazing how the right paint and new hardware can revitalize a row of sad old cabinets. With no major construction involved, you can transform your bath- room vanity over the course of a weekend. Select new hardware that looks bold and stately (think chrome bars, not little plastic knobs) to match the tones in your countertop, and remove the cabinets and give them
a fresh, neutral shade. If you’re over the white-on- white bathroom look, try a dramatic dark finish that will make your new hardware and fixtures really pop.
Flooring is quite literally the foundation of design, so it must strike a blend of fashion and function. Re- search flooring with a good combination of durability and timeless aesthetics, like the Duravana hybrid resil- ient flooring, a waterproof and eco-friendly product exclusive to LL Flooring. Du- ravana’s range of styles are designed to replicate the natural color, grain and tex- ture of real hardwood, with more unique plank patterns
than traditional vinyl plank or laminate. Plus, its easy- click installation makes it DIY friendly. Learn more at
A little bit of organiza- tion in an entryway can make a huge difference in the functionality and flow of the home. Start with simple shoe and boot storage, like a DIY bench or wall rack, so those items don’t spill out to hallways and bedrooms. Wall hooks are helpful for when guests arrive. And if you don’t have a true mud- room, a bit of wall-mounted storage can make even the slimmest entryway feel in- tentional and inviting.
Adding a dedicated lounge to your back or side yard can feel like add- ing a whole room’s worth of square footage to your house. It could be as easy asanewpatiosetanda fire pit with some gravel or simple flagstone land- scaping. Gabion baskets, framed with good-looking lumber, can be made into a simple divider or group seating. Pergolas with climbing plants continue to be popular. This out- door space can become a year-round retreat that everyone will love.
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