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   Department of Agriculture. Billions of pounds of food is wasted every year, often due to spoilage, which is why preserving food prop- erly is essential. Dry goods should be sealed air tight and out of sunlight, ideally in a cool and dry location. Fresh foods can spoil, so it’s important to store produce properly. Look for storage options created specifically for fresh foods to keep the proper air and moisture ratio for optimum freshness. Most produce should be stored in the fridge, but some items like bananas, pears, avoca- dos, melons and tomatoes
last longer when not refrig- erated. When it comes to food waste, consider com- posting at home or through a curbside program, which creates a trickle-down ef- fect that can benefit you as well as the environment. When in doubt, do your re- search to understand the different options.
While reducing waste is important, you probably will still need to use trash bags in the kitchen. Research op- tions and find a greener bag. Glad’s drawstring kitchen
JANUARY 16, 2022
trash bags use less plastic than leading competitors without sacrificing perfor- mance. Glad’s ForceFlexPlus Recovered Materials Bag is the brand’s most sustainable bag. They have the same trusted Glad strength you can depend on but are made with 50% recovered plas- tic — 20% recycled plastic, 30% reclaimed plastic — and are made with 100% renew- able energy (in Glad’s North American plants) and come in 100% recyclable packag- ing (in Glad’s North Ameri- can plants). Learn more at
If you wash dishes by hand instead of in the dishwasher thinking you’re saving wa- ter, you may be mistaken. This is particularly true if you’re like most people and run the hot water for rins- ing continuously as you do dishes. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, newer Energy Star
HAWAII RENOVATION 9 dishwasher models use 6
gallons or less per wash cy- cle, plus save on electricity. You can maximize savings further by only running the dishwasher when it’s full.
Last but not least, pri- oritize recycling throughout your day. Know what can be recycled in your area and be sure to place those items as indicated in the recycling bin rather than the trash. Unsoiled paper products can typically be recycled, as well as many glass contain- ers, metal lids and plastic containers that have been rinsed well.
Whether you live in an ur- ban setting or far out in the country — or one of the many places in between — Mother Nature serves an important role in your life. These simple steps that you can do in your very own kitchen make a big difference.
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