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NOVEMBER 7, 2021
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   As the price for a home in paradise continues to rise
dramatically, many families are discovering that a well- designed, multigenerational home provides an ideal so- lution. Whether a young couple searching for a start- er home or seniors looking to downsize, there are many advantages — economic and otherwise — to consid-
ering multi-gen living.
One of the most desirable benefits of multigenera- tional homes is that it gives seniors the opportunity to “age in place,” while remain- ing with the ohana, adding to their safety and security. This gives grandparents the opportunity to be near their adult children, while having the chance to stay involved
with the grandkids.
Youcanachievemultigen- erational living through a carefully planned home ren- ovation or a well-designed and constructed Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU). The design-build experts at HK Construction have helped many island families achieve multigenerational living with ADUs. Essentially, an ADU is an additional structure on your property, which can be
separate from or attached to the main home, sporting its own bedroom(s), kitchen, bathroom and entrance.
When living in a multi- generational home, it is vi- tal to find the right balance between quality family time and a degree of indepen- dence. HK Construction de- signs multi-gen homes with privacy in mind, so that each generation has their own space in which to thrive. In addition to providing a so- lution for seniors, a multi- generational home is ideal for students returning from college and young couples priced out of the rising real estate market.
Beyond the advantages of having space for differ- ent generations under one roof, the financial benefits of a multigenerational home include not having to pay for additional land, an increase to your home’s value, shared monthly expenses, and the possibility of rental income should you have unused space from time to time.
HK Construction’s experi- enced designers and home
builders will ensure that the finished product looks beautiful on the inside, as well as on the outside. Your additions or ADU will be de- signed to blend with your existing home and the sur- rounding community. It will be an attractive addition that will make any homeowner proud.
As the holidays approach, we look forward to gathering with family to celebrate. As generations come together, it’s a great time to assess your family’s evolving needs. Then, contact HK Construc- tion to discuss the possibility of renovating your home or building an ADU to accom- modate your specific multi- generational home require- ments.
HK Construction has been in business for four genera- tions and was recently voted one of “Hawaii’s Best” Con- struction Companies by Honolulu Star-Advertiser readers. Plus, you can rest assured that the company is fully licensed, bonded and insured.
Call HK Construction to explore the possibility of converting to a multigen- erational home or visit their website to sign up to attend one of the company’s com- plimentary seminars. For your safety, seating is limit- ed, and strict cleanliness and social distancing practices are followed. Registration re- quired; no walk-ins allowed. See the schedule and sign up today at

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