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OCTOBER 31, 2021
Local homeowners are treated to some of the most unique — and of-
ten enjoyable — weather in the world.
In order to take advan- tage of the optimal climate and conditions throughout the year, it makes sense to incorporate windows that are made for Hawaii’s blend of heat and moisture coupled with occasional strong winds and storms. Windows Hawaii has the perfect line of prod- ucts to keep one’s house cool and protected amid a range of weather conditions.
Windows Hawaii serves as the exclusive dealer of Anlin’s Alii Extreme window series in Hawaii, which offers homeowners an array of benefits including premium noise reduction, exceptional UV protection, heat reduc- tion, and easy operation and maintenance.
The insulated glass unit in Alii Extreme windows fea- tures a thicker glass — a 1/8- 3/16-inch combo — that low- ers incoming and outgoing noise and increases security.
SunMatrix is a new fea- ture in the Alii product line that provides four layers of low emissivity coating, which greatly improves en-
ergy efficiency. The main benefit of SunMatrix is its ability to block out 99% of harmful UV rays — a feat not offered by any other brand of windows locally, as Windows Hawaii is the sole source for SunMatrix in the state. The result is a cooler home that saves residents substantially in the long run
as energy bills are lowered and possessions are pro- tected from fading and sun damage.
“When the gardeners come around to work and mow, you can hardly hear them; it’s like a dull sound if anything,” says Linda Nel- son, a loyal Windows Hawaii customer who recognized a
definite noise reduction right away. “And, when there are people or neighbors hav- ing a gathering outside, my home remains peaceful and quiet.
“Alii Extreme is outstand- ing, unbelievable, actually. It does help to keep my house cool. They look really good and clean very easily.”
Nelson also beams about the unmatched customer service provided by the Windows Hawaii team led by general manager Mario Garcia.
“I can’t say enough posi- tive things about Mario. He’s one in a million, and really believes in his product — he doesn’t try and rip you off. They answered my ques- tions; I’m sure I bothered them a little too much, but I’m a very nosy person,” she says with a chuckle.
“I had a lot of questions when they were installing the windows, but they never
acted pressured or like I was bothering them. They always cleaned up after themselves, everywhere — whatever the area that they used, on the outside, as well as on the inside.”
Customers can rely on Anlin’s unmatched true double-lifetime warranty. This promise offers a su- perb lifetime installation and product warranty on the Alii Extreme windows for as long as one owns their home. Also included is a lifetime com- plimentary accidental glass breakage replacement fea- ture.
Couple this manufactur- er’s warranty with Windows Hawaii’s installation war- ranty, and there’s no going wrong.
The warranty also covers labor and installation. Inter- ested individuals are encour- aged to call Windows Hawaii for more information and to set up a free consultation.
CONTACT 808-671-0808 • 808-383-7233 (cell) ADDRESS 91-314 Komohana St., Kapolei

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