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OCTOBER 3, 2021
   If you have recently been considering new flooring for your home, you may
have noticed that there is a lot to choose from. While wood, glued down vinyl, car- pet and tile have been sta- ples for many decades, you may have noticed a recent proliferation of vinyl flooring, more specifically, vinyl plank. Whether you are looking for a wood or stone look, liter- ally hundreds of different choices in dozens of differ- ent brands are available for your selection.
Shirley Hilton of Kahala Pacific Floors tell us that vi- nyls have exploded in popu-
larity for a few main reasons: They are the current fad, they are deemed practical due to being “waterproof,” and they cost a little less than actual wood or stone. However, when it comes to the look, the feel, the quality and the value, there is just no comparison between these vinyl floors and the genuine products.
“Let’s talk about wood, in particular,” says Hilton. “Mother nature provides you with a one-of-a-kind image of wood that is unique to your home, versus one that has been printed out millions of times and often shows
up in multiple repeats in the same box.”
She goes on to say that the walk-on quality of wood is also a unique pleasure, nicely absorbing the shock from your steps and offer- ing a neutral temperature whatever the weather out- side. There are dozens of beautiful species to choose from, each with its own unique color and grain. And for those who are practi- cal, wood floors definitely contribute to the long-term resale value of your home.
Some of the most popular
species in either solid or en- gineered wood floors are Cu- maru, Brazilian Cherry, Ipe, Tigerwood, Santos Mahoga- ny and Acacia, just to name a few. Engineered wood flooring is constructed with a slice of “real wood” to offer stability and to combat the natural tendencies of wood to warp and twist. In Hawaii, engineered wood is the most popular choice. Most often finished with polyurethane, consumers will have a floor that can be durable and easy to maintain.
Also extremely popular are wide plank wood floors which have been treated with whitewashing, dis- tressing or various staining methods. Most often made with oak on an engineered platform, they offer a more natural, neutral look as compared to the traditional wood floors.
If you would like to learn more about your wood flooring choices and see some beautiful selections, visit Kahala Pacific Floors’ showroom or register for the Great Flooring 101 webinar to gain more valuable infor- mation. The next session will be held at 10 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 16.

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