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AUGUST 29, 2021
In addition to being Hawaii’s No. 1 source for top-notch windows, Windows Hawaii
carries choice siding that blend function and curb appeal for lasting reliability. The company offers Celect siding, a proven customer favorite, manufactured by Royal Building Products.
Celect is a premium cellu- lar composite siding skillfully engineered that boasts the appearance of wood with- out the drawbacks of real wood. One of the reasons it is a popular choice is its little to no maintenance feature. Since Celect is made from sustainable components, it
resists moisture and is war- rantied to never warp, buckle or shift, unlike real wood or cement. The material is low maintenance plus reduces worry about termites, sav- ing homeowners money in the short and long term. Additionally, one of the best benefits is that there will be no need to paint ever again.
Speaking of paint, Celect offers an extensive color pal- ette that general manager Mario Garcia notes pleases both homeowners and satis- fies policies of various town associations.
The product also has su- perior strength-to-weight ratio and locks together like a puzzle, so there is no need
to worry about filling in the gaps. It also keeps the home cooler, saving costs on util- ity bills.
Topping it all off, Celect comes with limited lifetime
warranty for as long as the resident owns the home and is transferrable to one sub- sequent homeowner — in which case, the warranty will be valid for 50 years. Cus-
tomers can also look forward to a 25-year color-protection warranty.
The product has been test- ed and proven by Windows Hawaii’s customers and one
such customer is Nancy Beg- gin who quickly became the envy of her neighborhood after installing Celect.
“It was so funny because I actually had people com- inguptomeaskingifIwas going to sell my house,” she chuckled.
Of course, Beggin told the inquirers that her house was not for sale.
“I’m really, really pleased. It’s beautiful and a huge im- provement. (Even) my friend drove by and said, ‘You have a new house!’”
To learn more about Ce- lect siding, give Windows Hawaii a call at 808-671- 0808 or visit its website at
“Why go with any other company when you can get quality products, quality service and the best manu- facturer’s lifetime warranties available?” concludes Garcia. “You can count on us; we are here for Hawaii and happy to serve!”
CONTACT 808-671-0808 • 808-383-7233 (cell) ADDRESS 91-314 Komohana St., Kapolei

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