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JUNE 13, 2021
   The year 2020 was a challenging one for most of us, with many
adjusting to more life at home with kids and work. Despite problems getting windows from manufactur- ers who were under coro- navirus restrictions or shut down completely, demand for replacement windows grew.
That increased demand has carried through 2021 to date, with most manufactur- ers now at full capacity.
Why the continued in- crease? Obviously the pan- demic had many people spending much more time at home during the day. The home shifted from being a home to additionally being a school and workplace. For many people, working from home may continue after restrictions are completed.
Money that was normally spent going out to dinner or traveling got invested into our homes. Energy-efficient windows have been part of
that investment as they help to keep your home cooler, quieter and safer. They also are in the top five each year in terms of return on invest- ment.
In other words, if replacing the windows in your home cost $20,000 with our sale
pricing, the return on invest- ment or added value to your home could be $25,000 or more. And your home, un- like a car or vacation, is an appreciating asset, meaning it typically goes up in value every year.
So, from a financial view-
point alone, it is a solid in- vestment. Check out the prices that homes are going for in 2021 and how demand is outpacing inventory.
So, why the continued growth as the pandemic winds down?
Many economists pre-
dict upcoming inflation. We have seen this already with building products in general. People are purchasing new homes or refinancing exist- ing ones to take advantage of low interest rates. Many advisers tell customers to put money into things like real estate as cash sitting in the bank is going to be worth less, despite any interest one might get.
That all amounts to a boom in construction in gen- eral and in home improve- ment projects.
How can you take advan- tage of this situation? We have just launched our an- nual summer sale (buy one, get one free) on our popular Amerimax window line. This a top-rated window with the best window warranty in Hawaii.
If you are in the process of refinancing, use some
of that loan to make need- ed improvements in your home, including Amerimax windows.
Diamond Head Windows also has a number of finance options, including 0% inter- est for up to five years, or longer term loans at 5.9% in- terest with no money down.
Visit our showroom which is open 8 a.m.-3:30 p.m. Monday-Friday, and 10 a.m.- 2 p.m. Saturday to find out more, or call for a free evalu- ation and estimate for your home. Learn about how you can improve the comfort, se- curity, appearance and value of your home. Get your ques- tions answered with no ob- ligation. We can give you an itemized estimate for every window and sliding door in your home.
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