Page 5 - Hawaii Renovation - May 30, 2021
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MAY 30, 2021
    The demand for water- proof vinyl plank floor- ing keeps on growing
as big-box stores, indepen- dent importers and retail flooring stores keep pace.
Many homeowners are renovating their existing dwellings by replacing car- pet with hard surface floor- ing like waterproof vinyl plank.
At one time, plastic lami- nate was the floor of choice but the drawback was its in- ability to handle water spills and damp mopping. Ceram- ic was hard on the feet and wood was too expensive. Waterproof vinyl plank was the perfect product because it could handle liquid spills, was comfortable to walk on and could be purchased at
ADDRESS 560 N. Nimitz Hwy. Ste. 106,
home, including the stairwell to the second floor.
They liked how the one- piece stair tread looked without any joint seams on the steps. They also liked the fact that the treads had a 20 mil wear layer, just like the planks. In most other brands, the transition and stair moldings do not have a 20 mil wear layer. Therefore, they will wear out before the planks and do not carry a wear warranty.
The homeowner said they do not intend to move or buy another house for a long time, but if they do, they will definitely put in Metro- flor Genesis again. They are always getting compliments of the floor when friends and family come over to visit, and
  an affordable price. In addi- tion, it was easy to maintain, resistant to stains and fad- ing, and pet friendly.
A homeowner in the Kalihi area decided to go with the Metroflor Genesis brand af- ter seeing it on a commercial and talking to people about it. They looked at samples and decided on a pattern in the Island Collection: Maple- lani. They liked the exotic is- land look and unique wood
pattern that would make their floor the showcase in their home.
One-and-half-years later, they recently sold their Kalihi home and purchased a home in Nuuanu. First thing they did was change the existing flooring to Metroflor Gene- sis’ waterproof vinyl planks. They loved their Maplelani floor so much that they de- cided to put the same pat- tern throughout their new
they have no qualms about recommending it to anyone who is looking to change their flooring.
Metroflor Genesis is avail- able at Abbey Carpet &
Floor. Please call or visit the company’s showroom to see samples or get help in selecting a floor from one of the friendly and experienced sales staff members.

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