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MARCH 28, 2021
                                                  BY CAROLINE WRIGHT
Remodeling floors and staircases can some- times be intimidating
for even the handiest DIY homeowners.
But H & C Flooring and Stone is now offering the Super Stairnose — a prod- uct that can help make those projects a whole lot easier.
“If you have a staircase that doesn’t have a wall on the left or right side, or ei- ther side, you can use these stair panels for easy instal-
lation,” says H & C Flooring co-owner Wen Cao. “Nor- mally, people have to make their own edges for open staircases and stain them afterward, but we made the edges for them.”
Available in shades to match every vinyl flooring option the store carries, the Super Stairnose tread panels are manufactured with side noses already at- tached.
“Each panel is highly tex- tured on the surface, so they’ve got plenty of grip and
are slip-resistant,” Cao adds. The hardened vinyl wear layer on the panels provides excellent resistance to scuff
marks and stains.
The tread panels are also
available in a style made for staircases that have walls on both sides.
“They don’t have a nose on either edge, but only in front,” says Cao. “Both styles can be applied in minutes with curing glue.”
With two dozen flooring colors and shades, some available for as little as $1.79
per square foot, H & C Floor- ing and Stone has a bright, well-designed showroom with more than 1,000 square feet of flooring displays, making it easy to imagine how a style might look in your own home. Unlike the flooring models at most big-box stores, each display board at H & C is about 2-by- 7-feet long.
“Because we have a big- ger display area, you can really see the whole effect,” says Cao.
The company also carries all of the molding accesso- ries you’ll need for the instal- lation of your new floor.
“We have matching base- boards, reducers, thresh- holds, end caps, stair noses and 90-degree corner mold- ing as well,” Cao reports. “All of our material is in stock, so you don’t have to worry about making construction runs halfway through the job. We have everything you need to get it done.”
Located at Kokea Center on Dillingham Boulevard, the company also sells two elegant styles of flagstone, great for lanais, decks and swimming pools.
“Additionally, we just got a new shipment of shower doors, so we have plenty in stock,” Cao says. “We offer five different styles of slid- ing shower doors, in two different types of frames — chrome stainless steel and chrome aluminum — and all
of them have 3/8-inch tem- pered glass.”
Shower doors at H & C start as low as $350 per set.
Visit for an overview of the compa- ny’s merchandise. Then, head
over to its gorgeous show- room on Dillingham Boule- vard to see for yourself why H & C Flooring and Stone is one of the island’s favorite sources for quality flooring products at reasonable prices.
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