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  Metal shingles ideal for Hawaii roofs
Metal shingles are a time-tested roof- ing material here
in Hawaii. Metal shingles interlock and they can also be installed over an existing layer of asphalt shingles. Metal shingles usually come in either aluminum, zinc or copper and have a wind re- sistance rating of 165 mph. Aluminum shingles come with a 50-year material war- ranty while zinc and copper come with a 75-plus year life expectancy. MRC Roof-
ing has a favorite brand of metal shingles. It’s called Permalock and they’ve been in business for 65 years.
While roofing Hawaii for over 32 years, MRC Roof- ing LLC has learned a few things about the difference between quality manufac- tured metal shingles and inferior manufactured met- al shingles. Quality metal shingle systems come with proper metal flashings for all the different types of roof- ing transitions, inferior metal
shingles don’t. Inferior met- al systems tend to lack the proper accessories needed for all the different types of transitions that can be found on a roof. Permalock is a maintenance free roof sys- tem and has all the proper flashings.
Metal shingles are a spe-
cialty product. Not every roofer with a contractor’s license is qualified to install metal shingles. It’s a niche skill that requires the jour- neymen on your roof to be very handy with a tin snip and to be expert layout men, which MRC is proud to say they use. MRC has certified
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  Clean Solar Panels Hawaii
 You wash you car, why not your solar panels?
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   Over 2000 pre-fab countertops IN-STOCK Vinyl Flooring Huge Sale!

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