It may be time to change out old broken windows or make a home look like new with vinyl siding. The smart move is to call Tropical — the home of the motto “Vinyl is Final,” where it has been providing the best vinyl siding and windows in Hawaii for more than 60 years. Tropical is the expert in Hawaii for siding, windows and door installation — and it can prove it.

Tropical is owned by father and son team Matt and Mike. They guarantee Tropical will not only provide the best windows and doors or vinyl siding available, but also the best installation. The following is true of the locally owned company:

Tropical is the first company to bring vinyl windows to Hawaii.

Tropical is the first company to manufacture vinyl windows in Hawaii.

Tropical has more than 25,000 installations for Hawaii homeowners.
Tropical is a licensed general contractor.


Tropical is bonded and insured for the protection of all its customers.

Tropical has the largest showroom in Honolulu with about 3,000 square feet of windows, doors and other products.

Tropical designed the first custom windows and doors for Hawaii.

Tropical was the first to introduce vinyl siding to Hawaii.

Backed by the best warranties in the business, Matt and Mike will make sure the job is done right. Plus, all of the company’s window, door or siding installations are done in-house. There is no subcontracting or hiring just anyone to save money. All installation crew members go through factory training to ensure the best possible finished product.


Plus, it’s always important to buy local.
Matt says that in his 50 years of doing business he has seen so many companies come and go — and that’s the problem. He’s seen a lot of mainland owned companies come to Hawaii and promise things like self-cleaning glass; lifetime warranties on everything, including screens; lifetime workmanship; and 35-50% discounts.

These are just a few things, but Matt says, “If it’s too good to be true, then it’s too good to be true.”

According to Matt, people may not realize that most window or siding companies send a salesperson to give an estimate and they will tell you almost anything to make the sale. He says that when other businesses’ salesperson give an estimate, they may be acting on the following beliefs:

The homeowner is not the priority.

Providing the best product is not the priority.
The best installation is not the priority.


The real priority is making the sale so the salesperson can make their commission.

However, Tropical is different. Only Matt and Mike make the estimates. There are no sales commissions, just the best job at a reasonable price. So, for homeowners wanting the best that money can buy, they should call Tropical and buy local to get the best vinyl windows, doors or siding that will last a lifetime. Remember, Tropical is the home where “Vinyl is Final.”

1351 S. Beretania St.,Honolulu