Water conservation is essential for the environment and our wallets. These smart home devices can significantly reduce water usage and contribute to a sustainable future for our island.

Irrigation controllers
How do weather-based irrigation controllers work?
Weather-based irrigation controllers save water by automatically adjusting its irrigation schedule based on local weather conditions and landscape needs. Unlike traditional “clock-based” controllers, WBICs use real-time weather data such as temperature, rainfall, humidity and wind to determine the appropriate amount of water required for plants. This prevents overwatering during periods of rain or cooler weather, and ensures plants receive the right amount of water they need.

How much can you save by replacing an older irrigation controller?
Upgrading from an older, standard controller can yield a savings of 7,000 gallons of water annually.

How do I know if my controller is a weather-based irrigation controller?
When selecting a controller, look for the Environmental Protection Agency WaterSense logo. This EPA label ensures the controller meets strict criteria for water efficiency and performance.

Smart water monitors
What is a smart water monitor?
Smart water monitors attach to your home’s water line and track water use in real time. These smart devices alert homeowners to leaks, abnormal consumption or inefficient fixtures.

How much can you save?
Studies have shown that homes’ water usage was lowered by an average 15% after installing one of these devices.

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