There are few things more satisfying than completing a home improvement project — especially one with results that are as rewarding as a gorgeous, healthy new lawn.

With its online ordering system, Hawaiian Turfgrass makes it easy for “do-it-yourself” homeowners to shop for a new lawn.

“Our website has all the tools you need to choose the best turfgrass for your property, including an area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help you determine your lawn’s square footage,” says owner Sean Fong.


Fong explains that soil preparation is critical for the establishment of the new turf.

“If you plan to do your own installation, you’ll want to prep carefully before pickup or delivery,” he says. “Take your time and protect your investment.”
First, remove the old lawn and all weeds, organically or with herbicides; this crucial process takes anywhere from two to four weeks. Next, remove roots and plant material through tilling and turning the soil, and raking till the surface is level.

“Then, spread a layer of black mason sand across the area and use a drum roller to level,” says Fong.


When it’s time for installation, plant the sod in a checkerboard pattern, pushing seams together. Use the drum roller to help your new sod make contact with the base beneath it, and water it two or three times a day for the next three weeks.

Turnkey services
If you’d rather let professionals handle the job, Hawaiian Turfgrass provides complete turnkey installation services.

“We can handle your site prep, deliver your turf and install it for you,” Fong says. “We can even design and install an irrigation and sprinkler system for easiest maintenance of your new lawn.”

Choosing turfgrass
Buying turfgrass is a bit like buying a carpet.
Fong says, “You’ll want to pick the right grass for your location and the amount of daily sun and shade it receives, and the amount of maintenance you can provide. Our website provides tons of information to help you make that decision.”

Each variety sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass has been carefully bred for improved traits such as less mowing, watering and fertilizer; fewer insect and disease problems; and a superior look. Licensed specialty grasses include Captiva St. Augustine, Seastar Seashore Paspalum, Zeon Zoysia and gorgeous new Stadium Zoysia, which the company began offering last year.


“Stadium Zoysia is really special,” Fong says. “Its deep emerald shade and extraordinary hardiness make it the perfect grass for Oahu’s residential lawns.”

With Hawaiian Turfgrass, it’s simpler and quicker than ever to purchase a beautiful new lawn. Visit to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. Prefer to let us handle the job? Call 808-371-0527 to schedule complete turnkey installation (minimum 400 square feet) by June 30 for a $500 discount.

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