Not having the do-it-yourself gene or having someone around that has it, can sometimes leave home ownership tasks on the back burner or not even make it onto a to-do list.

Rain gutters
You might walk outside to see piles of leaves and branches around your roof line — also known as rain gutters — but you may be unaware that you should clear the leaves out. Cleaning your rain gutters is an easy way to properly drain rainwater off your roof. Why is it important? Pooling water can potentially cause leaks and damage to your roof and the contents in your home or attic.

Ceiling water stains
Sitting with your morning coffee and newspaper, you might look up and see a dark stain forming on your ceiling. You might even see some water drops puddling. What could be causing this issue? It is most likely a leak in your roof caused by missing shingles or rain gutters not draining properly.

Yard debris
Doing a little gardening or sweeping up around the yard? What are those odd bits of asphalt-looking debris? If it’s after a strong windstorm, those are most likely pieces of asphalt roof shingles that became loose and blew off from the strong winds.

High electric bills
Years ago, you may have installed solar photovoltaic panels. Did you know that they need to be cleaned on a regular basis to work properly? Everyone can save a little money, especially on electric bills, so consider having someone clean your solar PV panels.

Hurricane season
Before, during and after hurricane season is a great time to have a roof inspection. Your roof protects your home and its belongings through rain, sun and wind for 365 days a year. When it comes to your home insurance bill, having a roof in good shape, clips and ties for hurricane protection, and clean or new rain gutters can help when your provider is considering your annual insurance premium.

Attached ohana unit
When Murakami Roofing professionals are driving around or working at a project site, we often take note on how attached ohana units are connected to the main house. Our main concern is while “MacGyvered” ohana roofs cover the unit, it also causes its own problems. Sometimes the rain gutters that used to drain onto the grass, now drain onto the new roof, potentially causing damage. Another common sight is a gap between the dwellings. On a rainy day when carrying groceries or trying to leave your house, you might end up being soaked for a couple seconds where the disconnected roof isn’t offering protection.

Consider bringing in a roofing professional during the planning process for your new attached unit. We can look over the plans and offer suggestions specifically for your roof and rain gutters that may help you in the long run.

Whether considering downsizing or selling your home, what is its curb appeal? Buyers’ first impressions include the color of the paint, whether it has a nice yard and the condition of the roof. If the asphalt shingles are looking a little dingy, ceramic tiles are missing or specific items like roof flashings are rusted, consider a spruce up. And yes, clogged rain gutters don’t help.

No worries. Murakami Roofing professional estimators can help check off items on your to-do list. Roof inspections, answers to questions and sharing of roofing experience are all free. At the end of the day, we want our customers to be happy and confident with their roof.

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