All of us know that if you want to learn about something these days, you turn to the internet and a good search engine to get quick and plentiful data. Searching for information on flooring is no different. You can start to read and absorb information on the latest and greatest, or perhaps you are the type to print out articles and start organizing them. Either way, you need to apply your best research skills to sift through the results and make sense of everything. You will then mix in factors such as personal preferences, lifestyle practicality and budget.

Home improvement projects almost always include new flooring, and any good consumer would like to get what they want at a good deal. Most folks have moved away from traditional floor coverings, such as carpet, for quite a while now, but what are the current options? For example, your friend could tell you that laminate is a thing of the past, but then someone else may tell you that it’s coming back into style. Why do some companies refer to vinyl or engineered wood as laminates? All of this can be quite confusing.

A much easier way to learn about flooring is through Shirley Pai Hilton, who leads Hawaii’s preeminent flooring company, Kahala Floors. She understands the consumer’s plight. After years of being in the flooring business and directly informing thousands of consumers, she has found one of the best ways to effectively educate is through a short seminar. Hilton is very happy to share in-depth information on the various types of flooring available in today’s market and also the proper installation. Her expertise is often tapped for local home improvement publications and she has also consulted on many large flooring projects.
Kahala Floors’ seminars have been conducted for more than 16 years. The free monthly seminars are at the company’s South King Street showroom. Guests can enjoy coffee and refreshments while Hilton walks attendees through valuable information on various types of flooring, the pros and cons of each type, installation and subfloor preparation, finishing with moldings and more. Even seasoned professionals, such as contractors and architects, have been in attendance and commented on how much they learned.

As Hilton says, “This is not a 90-minutes sales pitch but it’s good, unbiased information that you can use as you shop anywhere in town.”

The next session of Great Flooring 101 is 10 a.m. on April 20. Due to limited space, reservations are required so please call 808-847-7711 to reserve your seat. Hilton would love to have you as a guest and student.

1540 S. King St. Second floor, Honolulu