Social media has changed the ways people engage with content and seek inspiration. Thanks to ever-evolving technology and algorithms, you have the ability to find new ideas instantly.

Need a new recipe? Find and follow a chef or home cook on TikTok or Instagram. In a reading rut? Explore reviewers who can share book recommendations for your next read. You can even discover new ways to transform your yard this spring on your favorite social media platform.

It may seem odd to consider that people use the digital landscape to help them revamp their outdoor living space, but according to a new survey by TruGreen, 40% of Americans do just that.

Are you ready to create an Insta-worthy outdoor space? Check out these three tips to inspire your yard renovation.
1. Return to timeless appeal
Trends may come and go, but you can’t beat the timeless appeal of a healthy landscape.


According to the survey, 89% of Americans emphasize the pivotal role of a healthy lawn in a landscape. Without this foundation, you can’t build an attractive outdoor space.

Focusing on the basics is the key to outdoor charm. More than half of Americans say flowers are the quintessential element for creating a visually pleasing outdoor space, closely followed by healthy plants and shrubbery.

2. Talk to the pros
While more Americans are interested in creating beautiful, healthy outdoor spaces, many are not versed in the challenges of landscape upkeep. For example, Americans are most stumped by how to get rid of weeds, followed by a quest for the perfect plant and the proper lawn care schedule.
If you find yourself overwhelmed, it’s best to consult with a company like TruGreen, the nation’s leading lawn care treatment provider, to help you beautify your outdoor spaces without guesswork.

3. Spend time outdoors
Longing for beautiful, maintained outdoor spaces, more than half of Americans are willing to invest more time outdoors. Not sure what you’re looking for? TruGreen recommends the following:


• Take stock of your yard. Scan your greenery and consider incorporating plants and trees that complement your home’s size. For two-story homes, trees and tall bushes are a good choice, while one-story homes can focus on keeping plants trimmed and compact for a positive visual appeal.

• Imagine where you’d like to add furniture. Incorporating elements like Adirondack chairs, small outdoor bed swings or teak wood outdoor sectionals can create a refreshing and relaxing feel.

• Assess your lawn. As the canvas of your outdoor space, a dreamy, green lawn demands meticulous care. Neglecting lawn maintenance can lead to unsightly issues, including brown patches, rampant weeds and insect damage. To ensure your lawn remains a dreamy oasis, engaging with a professional service like TruGreen can be invaluable in maintaining its health and saving valuable time.

With expert counsel and a proper maintenance routine, homeowners can achieve an outdoor space they love that’s worthy of showing off on their social media feeds. To learn more and find pros that can help maintain your outdoor living space, visit


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.