Haru Energy is a local, innovative and customer-friendly company at the forefront of solar and battery-storage solutions in Hawaii.

It acquired a couple residential solar companies — Poncho’s Solar and Maui Solar Project — in 2021. Over the course of the last year, the company’s owner, Harumi, has successfully developed the market by combining business practices that incorporate a standard United States strategic partnership approach and a Japanese business philosophy, “Sanpo-Yoshi” (meaning “three-way satisfactions”).

Its mission is to provide the best energy solutions and supply all residents with access to affordable energy. With increasing urgency to address climate change, the company believes solar combined with battery storage will help create a zero-carbon residential community.


Haru Energy’s goals are:
Build a self-sustainable, resilient, and safe home and community

Deliver affordable electricity

Create a zero-carbon community


What sets the company apart:
Customized solutions: Tailored solar photovoltaic and battery storage design to meet specific needs.
Comprehensive services: End-to-end support from initial consultation and system design to installation, maintenance and monitoring.

Variety of financial options: Not only for the system design, but also a variety of financial options for homeowners’ needs.

Energy for everyone
Everyone should have equal access to an affordable supply of energy from local/regional utilities, but this may not always be the case. This is one of the reasons Haru Energy supports expanding the installation of residential solar and battery storage and promoting a new business model through which battery power can be used not only as a reserve energy source, but also an alternative energy solution.

Sustainability today
There is a Japanese business philosophy known as “Sanpo Yoshi,” meaning “three-way satisfactions.” It is based on the saying, “good for the buyer, good for the seller, good for the world.” “Good for the world” also has a social significance, meaning a business that contributes to society from a long-term perspective. Naturally for Haru Energy, “good for the world” means a safe, resilient and sustainable community.

This traditional Japanese customer-centric business philosophy has been well accepted in Hawaii. The team at Haru Energy believes “Sanpo-Yoshi” is the business spirit that will bring positive results into the community and contribute to a sustainable society for all.


“Sanpo-Yoshi” can be said to be the roots of today’s idea of sustainability.

1287 Kalani St. Ste. 204, Honolulu