Part of adulthood is having insurance: health, home and auto. If you’re a business, you also need to have general liability, or “GL,” workers’ compensation, and for some companies, errors and omissions coverage.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation and wondered who would be liable to pay for damage to a person or property if something unexpected happened?

For example, if your new landscaping is ruined because of a contractor-installed pipe that was inserted backward, will your insurance company pay to fix the damage? Better double-check your homeowner’s policy — often damage due to faulty workmanship is excluded from coverage.


The best way to protect yourself is to be crystal clear about what your contractor’s insurance will or won’t cover, what your insurance covers and where you might need more coverage.

When you select a roofing contractor, it’s a good idea to check whether that contractor has general liability and workers’ compensation insurance.

Here in Hawaii, the value of your most prized possession — your home — is pretty high. So it just makes sense to ask the question: Does the contractor carry insurance to cover damage to your home?


Contractors also needs to make sure their employees are covered by workers’ compensation insurance. Roofing is a physical job, and workers’ comp helps cover medical expenses and provides financial support. If a contractor is not adequately insured, the homeowner could end up being asked to compensate the employee.


Insurance for roofers is pretty pricey and a major part of their operating expenses. If the contractor cannot supply evidence of continuous insurance, consider a different provider. Having continuous insurance is a non-negotiable requirement, which makes it simple to weed out potential roofers.

How do you know if the roofer carries insurance and is licensed? Ask the potential contractor for proof of insurance. You may do this by asking their insurance agent to submit their insurance certificates (general liability and workers’ compensation) for your review.


The state of Hawaii Department of Consumer and Commerce Affairs has an easy search engine to check if a contractor’s license exists and is current. This can be done by searching by license contract number or by business name. Once the listing is located, it just takes a couple of clicks to verify whether its license is in good standing and active.

If you can check the boxes for insurance and licensing, then sometimes, the company selected boils down to the one you’d like to work with, who will listen and answer your questions. That’s where Murakami Roofing stands out. Its professional roofing estimators will answer all of your questions until you are sure and confident, because Murakami Roofing builds confidence into every roof.

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