J. J. Watt knows grass. Considered one of the greatest defensive linemen of all time, Watt played in the NFL for 12 seasons, mostly with the Houston Texans.

On New Year’s Day, Watt visited Pasadena, California, for Rose Bowl LVIII. Afterward, he talked about his visit on social media:

“Played in every single NFL stadium and walked on a lot of grass in my 34 years on this earth … Rose Bowl field is the nicest piece of grass I’ve ever stepped foot on. By far.”


“The grass that impressed J.J. Watt enough to tweet about it is called Tahoma 31 Bermudagrass,” says Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “It was planted on playing fields for last year’s NFC Championship, the AFC Championship and the granddaddy of them all — the Rose Bowl. It’s planted on the Kansas City Chiefs’ and Philadelphia Eagles’ fields. And it’s absolutely fantastic for lawns here on Oahu.”

Bred from two exceptionally tough plants found in some of the planet’s most unforgiving climates, Tahoma 31 was created in 2007 at Oklahoma State University. It went through rigorous testing for more than 15 years before being released for commercial production. The National Turfgrass Evaluation Program ranks Tahoma 31 as the top performer for tolerance, low-water use, shade tolerance and divot recovery.

“I love that it is so dense and fine-bladed,” Fong says. “Its smoothness is uniform. It feels fabulous under bare feet.”

The extensive root system of Tahoma 31 helps make it tough enough to hold up to professional games and huge halftime shows. Extremely dense and durable, it has a dark green color with fine leaf blades and thrives in full sun.


“Tahoma 31 uses water very efficiently and fills in beautifully. It can withstand varied mowing heights, drought stresses, salinity and shade, all of which distress other bermudagrasses,” Fong says.

Each variety sold by Hawaiian Turfgrass is bred to be more drought-tolerant and pest-resistant, and to require less mowing than common older grasses. Customers can find everything needed to place an order at hawaiianturfgrass.com. The site is packed with information to help guide customers to make a properly informed decision about the best grass for your lawn.

“If you’d like to handle your own installation, our website makes it easy to arrange for pickup or curbside delivery,” Fong says. “And we try to offer grasses that suit every budget — but Tahoma 31 is simply perfect for Hawaii lawns.”

Gorgeous Tahoma 31 bermudagrass, available only from Hawaiian Turfgrass, will be available for the very special sale price of just $2.25 per square foot (normally $3.25 per square foot) through Feb. 29.


Call 808-371-0527 to receive this exceptional discount. Prefer to handle your own installation? Visit hawaiianturfgrass.com to place your order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery; use the code TAHOMA31 to receive the discount.


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