As the demand for versatile living spaces grows all over Oahu, Tal Builders, a Honolulu construction company, delights and impresses homeowners with innovative accessory dwelling units, home additions, and renovations that enhance their lifestyles and increase the value of their properties.

“We’re dedicated to ensuring a smooth process through every project,” says Viktor Maz, project manager for Tal Builders. “The construction process can be overwhelming, but we are committed to assuring every homeowner that their project is in capable hands.”


Tremendously popular in Hawaii, ADUs are a specialty of Tal Builders.


“Each ADU that we build begins with a personalized consultation,” Maz says. “Whether you’re planning to build a guest house or a rental unit, our committed team of skilled architects and builders can work closely with you to transform your ideas and concepts, no matter how rough they might be, into concrete plans.”

From obtaining the necessary construction permits to navigating local building regulations, the Tal Builders team can help with the maze of red tape and the preliminary legwork.

“We try to make it simple and painless,” Maz says. “We really want the journey to be smooth and efficient for homeowners.”

As soon as the permit process is completed, Tal Builders goes the extra mile to provide a quick turnaround for each project.



Versatile and innovative residential additions are a special focus of Tal Builders.

“Additions offer a customized solution for homeowners who want to expand their living spaces without the upheaval of moving,” Maz says. “We can help create more room for growing, extended and blended families.”

From extra bedrooms to spacious entertainment areas, Tal Builders strives to ensure that each addition complements a property’s existing structures, while fulfilling the homeowner’s needs and expectations.

Whether you’re interested in an ADU that seamlessly integrates into your property as if it was part of the original structure, or in adding personalized, comfortable space within your existing home, Tal Builders brings precision, expertise and dedication to every project.


“We’re unwaveringly committed to quality and client satisfaction,” Maz says with pride. “We really make an effort to partner with homeowners, and help them turn their visions into beautiful, comfortable spaces.”

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