Renovating your home can be an exhilarating adventure, but when those hammers start swinging and the walls come tumbling down, you want to steer clear of it all and hit the road. You may be tempted to stay, but you really shouldn’t.

Homeworks Construction has been building and remodeling homes for nearly 30 years and they shared some reasons why you should do your best to avoid staying in your home during any renovation project.

Zen Zero

Sure, there may be someone who loves a symphony of drilling and hammering, but we don’t think it’s you, your cat or your keiki. If you have a napping baby or work from home, forget about working with the noise, it’s not going to happen. By making a temporary move, you’re waving goodbye to the symphony of saws and providing a sanctuary for your sanity.


You may think that just because the construction is in the kitchen, that the mess will stay there. That is a lie. No matter how many sheets or dust covers you place on your couch or bed, the dirt will be on everything. You do not want to eat, bathe or sleep in that mess. Dodge the dirt bullet, skip the extra cleaning and move out during the renovation.

Focused, quality work

“Your contractors can get their work done better and faster without tiptoeing around your cat, chatting, or maneuvering around you and your things. Focus is critical and that means limiting distractions,” says Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction.


If you want a well-constructed project, let the professionals work without distraction or obstacles.

Savor the moment

You have saved and planned for this renovation, embrace it. Consider your move-out a mini-vacation that gives you an opportunity to build up excitement and dodge the stress. Explore a new neighborhood, have fun. It’s the ultimate staycation that’ll leave you feeling refreshed and ready to embrace your “renovated” life.

A safe choice

“Trust me, you don’t want to live in a construction zone. Professionals are trained and take precautions to work in these spaces and it can still be dangerous — it’s not safe for someone to live in,” Hickox says.

Sharp objects, toxic materials and tripping hazards may make your home unsafe. You, your family and your pets can ingest, breathe and touch a lot of dangerous things in a construction area. You also run the risk of ruining new materials and seriously hurting yourself in the process.

Stick to the budget

“Believe it or not, staying out of your home during a renovation can actually help you stay on budget,” Hickox says.

Staying means you’ll be tempted to make impromptu changes. Those changes impact the timeline, materials and labor. Impulsive changes are expensive. Moving out will eliminate this temptation.

Limits to kitchens

“Remodeling a kitchen means cooking is off-limits and it may mean eating microwaved food or takeout more often if you stay in place,” Hickox says.


Eating this way can be expensive, unhealthy and aggravating. This situation is easily avoided by moving to a location with a kitchen while your home is under construction. Even if your kitchen isn’t the room being remodeled, you shouldn’t prepare food or eat with hazards nearby.

Moving out during a renovation isn’t just a practical choice; it’s a smart, safe and sanity-saving move. Homeworks Construction has worked with homeowners who, for various reasons, could not move out during a renovation.

“We understand that circumstances are different for everyone and we do our best to work with all clients to keep them safe and happy,” Hickox says.


A renovation is hard work, but when you plan carefully, it can be one of the most rewarding parts of being a homeowner. For more information on remodeling, additions or the home construction process, contact Homeworks Construction.

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