A Pearl City homeowner was deeply frustrated. For years, she’d had a vision for her backyard, but she’d never been able to get a contractor to understand it.

“I have always wanted a nice area in the backyard to just kick back, barbecue and cool off when the heat of the day gets overwhelming,” she recalls.

She requested quotes from several companies, but was not able to go through with them.

“I didn’t know what I wanted; I just kept saying deck,” she recounts from the conversations. “No, I didn’t need railings. No, we need to keep it simple. Can you keep it within my budget?”

Finally, she called Tal Builders and asked for an estimate.


“From the first visit, Viktor Maz (project manager for Tal Builders) knew exactly what I was thinking,” she says.

In just weeks, her vision materialized into a splendid wood patio, ideal for an “epic summer,” as she described it of entertaining family and friends as she’d always dreamed.

“Tal Builders more than met my expectations,” she says. “I am beyond happy — with not only my deck, but the customer service we received and the workmanship of (the) crew.”

More than building homes

As a locally owned company with more than two decades of industry expertise, Tal Builders boasts a team that includes experienced project managers, an in-house architect and skilled engineers. Through close collaboration with clients, Tal Builders tailors its services to offer personalized solutions that have consistently yielded impressive results.

“We do our best to pay meticulous attention to the needs, preferences and financial expectations of our clients,” Maz says. “Our belief in transparency and open communication helps us build rapport with them. We’re very aware that we’re doing more than constructing homes; we’re crafting dreams.”

Last fall, Tal Builders was contracted to do a complete kitchen remodel for an Oahu homeowner who wanted his project finished before December. As the homeowner recounts, the company exceeded his expectations in every way, displaying professionalism, punctuality and responsiveness, while providing quality and value.

“Contractors were meticulous with every detail and committed to the project, even putting in a full day on Thanksgiving,” the homeowner says. “It was completed under budget, ahead of schedule and looks more beautiful than we could have imagined. If you want a project done right, pick Tal Builders.”


An off-island homeowner who hired Tal Builders to remodel his Waikiki condo was deeply impressed by the company’s dedication to swift, attentive customer service.

“Avi from Tal was on top of everything, finished the project on time even when we had a few unexpected issues, and best of all was his great communication,” the off-island homeowner says. “He sent me photos and updates weekly and made sure I (was) in the loop at all times.”

Another client hired Tal Builders to remodel the kitchen in his mother’s 60-year-old Oahu home.

“Everything was completed within a month,” he says. “The carpenters, plumbers and electricians were top-notch. We are more than pleased with the quality of workmanship.”

Over the years, Tal Builders has earned respect from other industry professionals, many of whom have worked as subcontractors on large construction projects.

One contractor worked with the company on a big residential project that began with gutting and demolition and ended with a completely renovated home.


“The work was very high-level, but I was most impressed with (their) efficiency,” he says. “Most contractors tell you that you can have only two of the following when it comes to contracting: price, quality (or) speed, and that you have to sacrifice the third to get the other two. With Tal, you are as close to getting all three as possible.”

439 Kamani St. No. 200, Honolulu