You might not realize it, but your windows are some of the most important features of your family’s home. Not only do they let the light in, increasing the expansive feel inside, they can also increase air circulation and help set your home’s style with a traditional or more modern look. Additionally, windows have a major impact on your home’s energy efficiency. The new window technologies from Diamond Head Windows will save you a considerable amount on your home’s monthly energy bill.

Energy savings is one of the biggest financial benefits of replacing old windows. With the high cost of electricity in Hawaii, the savings from using your air conditioner less are substantial. Over time, it pays for the cost of the entire window replacement. It’s also a great way to be environmentally conscious.

Window replacements are often cheaper than extensive repairs, especially if you’re dealing with windows that are old and outdated. Sure, one repair might be cheap, but your old, inoperable, single-paned windows are still fragile and prone to further damage. Paying for cheap repairs year after year adds up, and many times you’d be better off with a window replacement promotion or some other deal instead of a never-ending barrage of fixes.


Our state-of-the-art Leahi Replacement Windows come with special coatings and treatments that reject the ultraviolet light that fades furniture, floors and fixtures, and heats up the interior of your home. You’ll also experience a significant reduction in outside noise with new windows (goodbye Mr. Rooster!), and that can be an invaluable asset.
Security and safety are other important reasons for replacing your old windows. Swapping out cracked and splintered windows that have troublesome locks and sliding mechanisms ensures your home — and the people and pets inside — are secure from intruders and prying eyes. Furthermore, our modern glass panes are designed to break into tiny pieces, which are less likely to cause injury.

Finally, new windows make your home beautiful. Nothing transforms your home more quickly inside and out than brand new windows.

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