If you’re planning to entertain family and friends this holiday season, you might be thinking about making a few changes and improvements to your home.

Updating the flooring in your home can make a huge difference. And you can find some of Oahu’s best flooring deals at H&C Flooring in Honolulu.

“If you love the look of natural wood, but don’t want the upkeep, consider vinyl flooring,” says Wen Cao, owner of H&C Flooring. “It’s spectacularly low-maintenance, extremely durable and it stands up beautifully to heavy foot traffic. Clean it with any decent vinyl flooring cleaning product, and you’ll be pleased with the results.”

When you visit the H&C showroom at Kokea Center on Dillingham Boulevard, you’ll immediately notice dozens of styles and shades of vinyl flooring, including rich wood tones like Cherry Acacia, Espresso Teakwood, Golden Shade Maple, Henna Oak, Textured Sandalwood, and fashionable new colors like Gainesboro Grey Pecan and Haze Grey Oak.


“Our flooring is made with a click system, so it’s quick and easy to install with simple tools,” Cao explains. “Also, the backing is built-in, so you don’t have to put down underlayment first.”

The company carries a wide assortment of molding accessories: matching baseboards, reducers, thresholds, end caps and 90-degree corner molding.

“We also offer a product called the Super Stairnose,” Cao says. “It makes flooring projects much easier for do-it-yourself homeowners.”

Normally, people have to make their own edges for open staircases and stain them afterwards.

“Our Super Stairnose tread panels are made with side noses already attached,” Cao explains. “They’re ideal for staircases without a wall on the left or right side, or either side.”


Available in shades to match every vinyl flooring option offered by H&C, each panel is highly textured for maximum slip resistance. Panels are also available for staircases with walls on both sides.

“They don’t have a nose on either edge, but only in front,” Cao says. “Both styles can be applied in minutes with curing glue.”

H&C now offers fencing in four different styles. And the company still sells some of the highest-quality sliding shower doors you’ll find in Hawaii or anywhere. Sets start as low as $350 a piece.

“We have two different types of frames — chrome stainless steel and chrome aluminum — in five different styles, made with three-eighths tempered glass,” Cao says.

Cao says H&C’s showroom will move to a new location on Nimitz Highway early in 2024.


“We’re looking forward to being able to display a lot more new merchandise!” he adds.

H&C Flooring and Stone is currently in Kokea Center and open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays-Saturdays.

Kokea Center, 1095 Dillingham Blvd. Ste. F3, Honolulu