West Oahu Roofing Inc. recently had a customer who was going to do whole-house fumigation tenting and was in the process of installing solar PV panels. Their fumigation and solar PV panel companies informed them about the difficulties about acquiring a matching roofing tile because their roofing tiles were discontinued from the manufacturer and not available to buy from local roofing suppliers.

During whole-house fumigations and solar PV installation, cracked tiles are inevitable due to the increased amount of walking and weight the roof will experience.

The homeowner’s options were to replace the entire roof, which would exceed their home improvement budget, put off the home improvement or look for a similar roofing material to replace.


At West Oahu Roofing Inc., we are a leader in saving and reclaiming old and discontinued concrete roofing tiles to sell. After roofing tiles began the “to discontinue” production, WOR took on the responsibility to supply homeowners with roofing tile replacements.

WOR is a local, family-owned and -operated roofing business and has been an essential part in the roofing industry since 2004. With roots as a two-man operation, WOR has grown and developed into a roofing company of 18 employees, and also sells discontinued roofing tiles to the public, and for repairs and home additions.

The quickest way to inquire about our supply and inventory is to email us with your information and attach multiple photos of your roofing sample. WOR will confirm if we have product availability and customers can pick up their tiles.

“At WOR, we are a small family-owned company so we do our best to diversify our company to better serve our customers,” says


Bernard Balais (pictured), president and responsible managing employee. “Concrete roofs are great roofs, but like all roofs, maintenance is necessary. If you need roofing tiles, call us to see if we have the right one for you!”

If you are in the market for an affordable, quality roof, call WOR for a free roofing estimate, and let our team provide you with the roofing services to keep your home and family safe.

Visit westoahuroofing.com to see the quality work our company has completed.

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