Deciding whether to renovate your home one project at a time or all at once depends on a few factors. Homeworks Construction has been building new homes and remodeling locally for nearly 30 years. “Should I remodel bit by bit or all at once?” is a common question from clients. Here are some key considerations to make if you aren’t sure which way to go.


“If a new kitchen, new bathroom, and ADU (accessory dwelling unit) are all on your remodeling list, it may come down to budget,” says Homeworks Construction president Marshall Hickox.

Renovating all at once requires a larger upfront investment, while renovating incrementally allows you to spread costs over time. However, interest rates and the price of materials change so taking it one room at a time may not be cheaper overall. Whatever you do, make an honest assessment about what you can afford.


“Sometimes it’s better to just rip the bandage off all at once,” Hickox shares.


Doing everything all at once generally results in a shorter overall project timeline, while building in stages extends the timeline.

“Construction disrupts your life and we’ve found that clients don’t like doing it over and over again,” Hickox notes. “Think about how much patience you have and how urgent your projects are before you start.”

Project scope

If the renovation involves major structural changes, it might be more efficient to tackle everything at once. Cosmetic updates are more manageable bit by bit. An inspection and project assessment will reveal the actual scope of the project.

Lifestyle impact

Remodeling all at once can be more disruptive to clients’ daily life, especially if they need to temporarily relocate.
“No one should live in their home during a major remodel but relocating can be really inconvenient and expensive. If you don’t have any alternatives, work in stages,” Hickox says.


A well-planned project is choreography in motion.

“We will provide clients with a detailed budget and timeline that requires managing dates for orders, delivery, labor and inspections. For continuity and speed, it is often best to do everything at once,” Hickox says.


The builder and materials may not be available if the project is broken up over long periods of time.

Design consistency, planning

Renovating all at once allows for a more cohesive design throughout the home. Remodeling in stages might lead to design and material inconsistencies between phases. Flooring, plumbing, hardware and material availability can vary, particularly in Hawaii. If consistency in overall design is important, it may be best to tackle everything at once. A high-quality builder can still leave room for future additions and changes.

Goal for the home

“If you are renovating simply to sell the home, then make decisions based on that plan and don’t put a lot of personal touches on the project,” Hickox notes.

Depending on whether you plan to age in the home, renovate to sell, create a revenue-generating area, or make space for another generation, create a budget and select the projects needed based on those goals.

Ultimately, the decision to do a little at a time or everything at once should align with a budget, goals and circumstances. Some homeowners prefer to tackle it all at once, while others choose to work in stages to manage costs and maintain their lifestyle. Homeworks Construction regularly assists local homeowners through thorough evaluation and communication.