In 2020, the Nakao family made the decision to have their aging parents move in with them. However, their house was more than 60 years old with a single-wall construction and jalousie windows; it also needed updates to the infrastructure such as the electrical, plumbing and roofing. The house was not conducive to taking care of an elderly person; it had uneven floor levels and steps inside and outside the house. Therefore, the Nakaos decided to talk to contractors to either renovate or do a total rebuild of the house. They narrowed it down to three contractors who were all professional and very helpful. However, they decided to go with Les of Wong Construction.

Both the wife and husband had a good connection with Les and his foreman, and really felt the aloha spirit and the genuineness of them wanting to build a forever home. They really appreciated the many meetings with Les and his team to design their home. Through the various reiterations of the family’s plans, Les was always patient, understanding and helpful.

There were many positives but the two elements that they appreciated the most were a second-floor deck, which faces Diamond Head, and a spacious lanai overlooking their lawn, where their dog, Buddy, enjoys running around.


After the plans were finalized, it took more than a year for the permit to be issued, but Les stayed in contact throughout the process, which for them, seemed like forever due to the pandemic. After the permit was approved, they decided on a start date and a timeline for the rebuild.

Before the demolition, Les, his staff and their pastor came to bless the house. They performed a blessing to ensure a safe and smooth construction of the house. They also brought over delicious food to eat and get to know each other. The family actually got to meet Menard, Erwin and Craig, who would be working on the house. This really made them feel comfortable with Les and his crew. It also reaffirmed their decision to go with Wong Construction.

From the start, Les and his team were very professional, courteous and attentive to all the family’s needs throughout the process. From moving a few items to their temporary residence to providing advice and answering questions through every step of this process, they made the Nakao family feel good about their decision. Unforeseen things did happen during this build process, but Les, his crew and their subcontractors always addressed and corrected it.

This past May, the family moved into their house and have been grateful each and every day since they embarked on the journey with Wong Construction. The Nakao family really enjoys living in their new forever home.

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