Fall is a widely adored season; with pumpkin-themed drinks and treats, trick-or-treating and spooky haunted houses, it’s safe to say fall is full of festivities.

Unfortunately, fall isn’t all fun and games. Dropping temperatures and fresh foliage on the ground create a perfect environment for spooky critters. According to a new survey, nearly half of Americans experience increased bugs and pests in their home during the autumn and winter seasons. Contrary to what 48% of Americans believe, even a clean home isn’t pest-proof, which means there may be unwanted visitors lurking just out of sight.


In preparation for spooky season, Tru-Green®, the nation’s leading lawn care provider whose services also include pest control, compiled a list of bugs and pests that homeowners should look out for to protect their homes from these unwanted visitors.


Although bugs are mostly harmless, encountering them indoors can be scary — and not in a fun way. Tru-Green’s survey found that the most common pests that homeowners find inside and out of the home are beetles, centipedes and cockroaches. Surprisingly, despite the widely believed myth that people swallow eight spiders in their lifetime, spiders aren’t as feared as other bugs and pests. But, they can still be a problematic pest for homeowners.

To keep your home from becoming a real-life horror story, take these steps to prepare and protect your home from unwanted bugs and pests this spooky season.



To prevent bugs and other pests from entering your home, make sure to close any openings that you spot on your home’s exterior. Pests can take shelter in the warmth of your home by sneaking through cracks around entryways, windows and doors. Consider a professional service like TruGreen’s Perimeter Pest Control that guards your home against unwanted critters and helps keep them out.


It’s important to note that some Halloween décor choices may attract pests to your yard and home. Take precautionary action by choosing lightweight décor items, moving your decorations around throughout the season, or placing them on the patio instead of on the grass to prevent pests or lawn damage. If you decide to scatter real pumpkins around your outdoor space, make sure to place them in a cool, dry area to prevent mold and rot — both of which serve as welcome signs for pests. Similarly, be sure to keep your lawn and decorations as dry as possible since standing water can attract unwanted bugs.


If you encounter unwanted pests this season, you don’t have to waste your valuable time trying to scare them off by yourself. Professional experience and resources can prevent unexpected scares from bugs and pests in your home, so that you can focus on enjoying autumn.


Just call or buy online to get TruGreen’s experts to help maintain your outdoor living space for a spooky, fun and worry-free spooky season.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.