For the past 30 years, David Doguet has worked to develop a better zoysiagrass.

As the founder of Bladerunner Farms in tiny Poteet, Texas, with a population of 2,880, Doguet runs the largest privately owned zoysiagrass research facility in the world. His company is responsible for Zeon Zoysia, the top-selling zoysiagrass in the United States.

And now Bladerunner Farms has introduced Stadium Zoysia™, a brand-new variety that’s causing tremendous buzz in the turfgrass industry.


“Bladerunner Farms has a reputation for sustainable grasses that require less water, less fertilizer and less maintenance than other turf varieties,” comments Sean Fong, president of Hawaiian Turfgrass in Mililani. “As their newest release, Stadium Zoysia hits all the targets.”

The darkest green

For starters, this finely textured grass grows a darker, deeper, more brilliant green than any zoysiagrass on the market. It has a rapid rate of lateral spread, and its deep root system and extensive rhizomes make for superior wear tolerance and faster recovery, even in dormant turf.

“Stadium Zoysia is extremely heat- and drought-tolerant and can tolerate temperatures in a variety of climates, from low desert to coastal regions,” Fong reports. “Full sun is best, though it will actually tolerate a little frost.”

Durable and dense, Stadium Zoysia wears well and can handle heavy foot traffic. With a wide range of mowing heights and low fertilizer inputs, this grass is increasingly popular on golf courses and athletic fields around the country.

“We recommend weekly mowing, with a reel mower,” Fong says. “Stadium can be cut at different mower heights, from a quarter inch to one inch. The longer the leaf blade, the darker green it will appear.”

Easy, fast online ordering

Available exclusively in Hawaii from Hawaiian Turfgrass, Stadium Zoysia or one of the company’s other gorgeous varieties may be ordered online at Packed with information, the state-of-the-art website has everything you need to make a properly informed decision about the best grass for your lawn.


“We’ve also included an area calculator that uses satellite mapping to help determine your lawn’s square footage,” Fong says. “It takes guesswork out of the calculation, and you don’t have to go outside with a tape measure.”

Turnkey services or DIY

If you’re planning to handle your own prep and installation, you can arrange for pickup or curbside delivery when you place your order. The company’s website also contains step-by-step articles and videos so you can create a welcoming environment for your new sod, and install and maintain it correctly.

For homeowners who prefer to let professionals handle the job, Hawaiian Turfgrass offers complete turnkey lawn services (site prep, irrigation, delivery and installation) that can be arranged with a quick phone call.

The company is offering a $500 installation discount for customers who order a new lawn (minimum 400 square feet) by Nov. 30.

“Stadium Zoysia is ideal for Oahu,” Fong says. “It’s going to grow the darkest, greenest lawns on the island.”


With Hawaiian Turfgrass, it’s simpler and quicker than ever to purchase a beautiful new lawn. Go online to to place an order and arrange for pickup or curbside delivery. Prefer to let the professionals handle the job? Call 808-371-0527 to schedule complete turnkey installation by Nov. 30 for a $500 discount.