The type of roofing material you select for your home depends on weather-related factors including wind, rain and sun. Depending on where you live, the roof may be exposed to bugs, strong wind, mold-producing rain or daily extreme heat exposure from the sun.

However, most homeowners should also consider non-weather-related factors such as life and finances. These are important considerations when selecting roofing material. Here are a few questions to guide your decision.

Invest in a new roof

Do you plan to sell your home in the near future? If you are, a new roof is like a new kitchen or bath “spiff up.” Clean, color-matching shingles, shiny ceramic tiles, fresh cedar shake or durable metal shake go a long way to enhance the curb appeal of a home.


Murakami Roofing professionals are here to help customers balance the goals of choosing a great looking roof at a reasonable price point while also considering life and finances. Many homeowners will opt for an asphalt shingle roof because they are available in a wide variety of colors at a reasonable price; it’s sort of like the quartz kitchen countertop or vinyl plank flooring of roof materials. It has lots of durability, low maintenance and a balance between longevity and cost efficiency.

To bump it up a notch, choose ceramic tile, but before setting your heart on this choice, the age and strength of the home’s structure could be the deciding factor. Tile is very heavy and many homes just can’t bear the weight. A ceramic tile roof can last a long time, but the tiles will require replacement if they crack from falling debris.

Cedar shake roofing has a beautiful natural look but requires regular maintenance — much like a natural wood floor. An alternative to cedar shake is aluminum shake. For a natural look, Murakami Roofing recommends aluminum shake that is designed with deep grooves to mimic the look of natural cedar wood. Aluminum shake roofing is maintenance-free and should not rust, crack, rot from moisture or burn and is bug resistant.

Make a home last a lifetime

If planning to live a lifetime in a home and/or leave it to heirs, choose roofing material that will last as long as possible and will fit your budget. Many people select asphalt shingle because it will last a long time with less investment; but keep in mind that it will need to be replaced sooner than metal shake, cedar shake or ceramic tiles.

Type of property

When roofing a rental or investment property, consider the life of the investment. Will you keep the rental for five or 20 years? The length of time you plan to own it will help to guide the decision. The good news is asphalt shingle will last a long time, and it is a cost-efficient option.

Balance goals

At the end of the day, most homeowners will select the roofing material option that balances cost, maintenance, longevity, and weather and climate. Let’s face it, a roof is a sizable expense no matter what your life circumstance happens to be or where you live. Murakami Roofing professional estimators are happy to provide a free roof inspection and written estimate. Estimators will explain each line of the estimate and answer every question until customers are comfortable and confident that they have made the best choice. Customer confidence is the company’s daily goal and mission.


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