Heidi Lynn Campos had a clear vision for her studio and was determined to engage a competent contractor capable of transforming her vision into reality. Campos, the proprietor of HL Studio + Ink located in Kakaako, is a skilled fine-line body-and-brow tattoo artist, licensed esthetician and certified makeup artist. Although enthusiastic about moving her business into a new space, she quickly realized that the 504-square-foot studio lacked the desired aesthetic, appeal and functionality.

Recalling the uninspiring state of her workspace, Campos described it as bare and devoid of life. The landlords had furnished the studio with lackluster gray vinyl flooring and walls painted in an unappealing yellowish-beige tone.

Campos sought to replace the vinyl flooring with porcelain tiles, as tattoo ink could easily stain the vinyl surface. Furthermore, she desired to create privacy without the need for constructing physical walls, aiming to avoid a closed-in atmosphere.



After facing delays with a previous architect, Campos was thrilled when her neighbor, Meny from Tal Builders, stepped in and provided a quote on the same day. Tal Builders understands the power of word-of-mouth and ensures client satisfaction.

Tal Builders quickly committed to making Campos’ studio dream a reality by delivering high-quality work within a short period of time, accompanied by experience and professionalism, which has earned the company a remarkable reputation and a consistent stream of excellent reviews.

With passion and responsiveness, Tal Builders amazingly transformed Campos’ studio in just four weeks.


The company replaced the vinyl flooring with stain-resistant ceramic tiles, painted the walls in a warm ivory tone and installed glass partition doors to separate work spaces. It also skillfully crafted three recessed alcoves, each equipped with four spacious shelves, designed for showcasing the skinand after-care products used by Campos’ clientele, completely transforming the studio’s ambiance. In addition, Tal Builders added magnificent mock-bamboo walls covering beneath an elegant high chair railing.


Regardless of whether the project is commercial or residential, a renovation or a new build, Tal Builders delivers high-quality work within remarkably short timelines. Its efficient workmanship and attention to detail is further bolstered by the provision of warranties, which instills confidence in clients.

Campos was impressed by the company’s hard work and is delighted with the results, praising the studio’s beauty, character, and the bright and airy atmosphere achieved.

The renovation by Tal Builders exceeded expectations, leaving Campos thrilled with a remarkable outcome.

“It came out beautifully,” she says. “The alcove wall really adds a lot of character. And the glass doors … they’re just as I imagined. I wanted it to be bright and open and airy, and it looks exactly like that. It’s really amazing!”

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