Back in 1961, the first vinyl product came to Hawaii. That product was vinyl siding. Soon to follow were vinyl windows and then vinyl fencing. All these products were pioneered by Tropical Wholesale, better known as “Vinyl is Final.” Tropical has always been the leader in vinyl products in Hawaii. Always taking the new technology and wholesaling, and installing these products for homeowners. And to make a point, Tropical has only done business in the state of Hawaii. No mainland experience necessary. This is very important because Hawaii is not like the mainland and never will be. So, if you are looking for Hawaii experts in vinyl products, call Tropical. It’s the only local vinyl wholesaler and installer that’s been doing business for 40-plus years and boasts more than 25,000 customers.

Most Hawaii homeowners have no objection to vinyl siding. The reason being that it’s a lifetime product with no maintenance, no painting, no mildew, no rot and includes a program for termites. What a great product. However, there are always some areas that vinyl siding cannot be used. What can you do as a Hawaii homeowner to address this situation?


The answer is vinyl paint. In 1986, after Matthew Houar had assumed control of “Vinyl is Final,” his father, Richard Houar, got bored and started tinkering around. With the help of a Massachusetts Institute of Technology chemist friend, they invented vinyl paint. Vinyl paint is a lifetime-rated paint that can be made to any color. It is a paint that can cover concrete masonry units (CMU), metal, wood and even vinyl siding. Normally, nothing sticks to vinyl siding, making it a great no-maintenance product. But vinyl does marry to vinyl. This makes vinyl paint the only paint product that works on old vinyl siding. Here are a few examples of ways to use vinyl paint.

• Metals: When prepared properly, the vinyl coating can extend the life of metal products — fencing aluminum, wrought iron and steel — by to 30-35 years.

• Concrete: Concrete deteriorates over time in Hawaii mainly due to the salty air. Other forms of CMU like stucco or Sto are all high-maintenance areas. Vinyl paint is the answer.

• Wood: Vinyl paint can be used on wood. Tropical uses vinyl paint primarily on older historic homes. However, it can also be used on wood railings, window frames and all areas where vinyl siding cannot be done. If you are a homeowner who just does not like the look or idea of vinyl siding, then vinyl paint is perfect because it is a 35-year warranted paint that lasts a lifetime.

So, if you are trying to maintain your home and want to save money but have no idea what to do or who to call, contact Hawaii’s vinyl expert Tropical Wholesale. Tropical sells and installs vinyl siding, vinyl windows and vinyl paint. Tropical will help keep your home maintenance-free and beautiful for a lifetime.

Come to our showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. or call 808-593-2000. Matt and Mike will be happy to help you with your greatest investment: your home. Now you know for sure that “Vinyl is Final.” Call Tropical for free estimates and great prices.

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