In 1981, when Matt Houar took over ownership of Tropical Wholesale, his vision was to make it the very best window and siding installation company in Hawaii. Forty-five years later, Tropical not only became the best in the business but still is today. That’s why Tropical wins Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Hawaii’s Best people’s choice award every year.

Here are five reasons why Tropical is the No. 1 window and siding company in Hawaii.

1. Tropical is a full-service general contracting company that specializes in windows, sidings and baths, and even builds homes. Plus, the company has plumbing and specialty exterior siding licenses.

2. Tropical has the highest limits of liability insurance and workman compensation, plus the company is bonded on every job.

3. Tropical is the oldest window and siding company in Hawaii with more than 25,000-plus customers.

4. Tropical designed the first vinyl window for Hawaii more than 40 years ago while manufacturing the very first vinyl windows ever made in Hawaii. That’s because we believe “vinyl is final.”

5. Tropical still services customers from more than 40-plus years ago. That’s really exceptional because what other company can you think of that does that? Every other company that Tropical competes against are new and mainland owned.


When asking owners Matt and his son Mike how they have kept the business going all these years and remained successful, they both answered that it’s the local customers they work for because most businesses don’t have the advantage of having the best-natured customers in the world.

Matt says that’s why their motto is “buy local.” Ninety percent of all Tropical customers are local people and that makes a difference.

Mike went on to say, “Our customers are constantly recommending us to other friends and family. This accounts for more than 50% of our business at Tropical. This is the key because at Tropical we do the best job and back it up. Plus, of course, there is a lot of hard work.”


Now, Tropical is 45 years old, and with the “Vinyl is Final” company that was purchased from Matt’s father and uncle Bud Shasteen, that makes 62 years this year. So, when customers ask how long the company will be around or how old the business is, the owners of Tropical proudly can say 62 years. This makes

Tropical the oldest and most stable siding and window contractor in Hawaii.

So, like Matt’s father always said, “I can tell you how great we are, but we would rather show you.”


Call Tropical today for the best prices, products and installations for your home. Hopefully now you’re convinced. When you do need windows and sidings or even a bath for your home, call Tropical, the No. 1 company in the business where you can “buy local.” Call Tropical at 808-593-2000 or visit its showroom at 1351 S. Beretania St. Tropical is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays and from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturdays.

CONTACT 808-593-2000 • 808-263-1252
ADDRESS 1351 S. Beretania St., Honolulu