Whether planning for retirement, committing to a healthier lifestyle or simply adding opportunities for joy; thoughtfully constructed recreation spaces can provide a steppingstone to enter the next phase in life. Homeworks Construction has partnered with thousands of local homeowners who have made the choice to build something better for today and tomorrow.

Retirement is a significant milestone in life and brings changes to how one lives and uses a home. That home office may not see as much activity. Maybe you’ve decided to spend a little more time in the yard so that folding table and chair set isn’t enough. Retirement affords more personal time, more time with family, and time for hobbies or passions. This is the perfect time to reassess living spaces and add value to the home and life.


Homeworks Construction has been working for decades to design, build, and create living spaces that suit clients’ budgets and needs.

“We pride ourselves on our service and understanding of local lifestyles,” says Marshall Hickox, president of Homeworks Construction. “Our planning process ensures that your experience is less stressful, and you get the home that you deserve.”

There are investments that consistently add value to a home. Thanks to Hawaii’s year-round climate, an outdoor recreation space makes sense. Adding a covered lanai, outdoor kitchen and entertainment area, even a pool and deck can bring your home to life. Homeworks Construction, as a design/build company, offers comprehensive assessment and planning services to manage a project.


Whether looking to add these elements to an existing home or start anew, Homeworks Construction specializes in custom design and planning for renovations and new construction. If planning to move into an accessory dwelling unit or build an addition to accommodate multiple generations in a home, they can help.

Start with a free consultation to discuss the opportunities and challenges of the project. Are you building a space for the

grandkids to enjoy? Adding a swimming pool? Are you taking better care of yourself and want to add an exercise and meditation space? Are you thinking about building an ADU to live in while generating income in your primary home? Homeworks can provide expert advice, planning, design and construction services. This local company understands Hawaii’s unique environment and what kamaaina need. Step into the next phase of your life and build the home that you deserve.