Did you know that only a portion of the electricity on Oahu originates from Hawaiian Electric? Around 30% of the power comes from independent power producers, such as large-scale solar farms, wind farms, waste-to-energy facilities and biofuel plants. Now, with HECO’s residential grid services programs, homeowners have a new opportunity to be compensated for their solar electricity.

Announcing Swell Energy’s updated Home Battery Rewards program. The HBR program is part of HECO’s grid services programs, similar to its Battery Bonus program. While enrolled in the HBR program, Swell’s platform monitors your system using proprietary software to determine the best use of the electricity stored in your battery — deciding whether it’s more valuable to be used in your home or to be sold back to the grid. Swell’s platform does this 24/7, 365 days a year for 10 years, with the end result being thousands of dollars paid annually on your electric bill.


On top of your annual payments for enrolling, there is also a limited-time up front payment. Here are examples of what those upfront payments can be: for a single Tesla Powerwall, the incentive ranges from $3,700-$7,000; for two Tesla Powerwalls, the range is $7,600-$13,600 and for three Tesla Powerwalls, the range is $12,200-$20,800.

However, there are restrictions on the offer. To be eligible for Swell’s upfront incentive, the system must be on Oahu, it must be installed by a participating Swell partner and your permit for your Tesla Powerwall must have been submitted between July 1, 2021, and Aug. 14, 2023. Also, your home must be on a Customer Grid-Supply, CGS+ or Smart Export rate from HECO.

So why wait? With the HBR program, offered by RevoluSun and Swell, you take control of your energy future while being rewarded for it. Contact RevoluSun right now to learn more about the HBR program and seize this limited-time opportunity. Act fast and let the rewards start rolling in. Demand is high, so don’t miss your chance and submit your permit for your Tesla Powerwall by Aug. 14.


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