Don’t let uneven sidewalks get you down. Those unsightly tripping hazards can be repaired in just one day, without the need to replace the concrete.

Are you tired of looking out onto ugly, uneven, and cracking sidewalks, driveways and pool decks? These issues not only reduce the property value of homes, they create dangerous tripping hazards that you could be liable for if someone is injured.


Concrete slabs, like sidewalks or driveways, can begin to shift and sink when the soils under them become weak and cause voids under the concrete. This can be due to many reasons, such as dirt that wasn’t well compacted, soil erosion or decaying of tree roots. As time passes, the sinking sections can crack, causing even more damage.

PolyLevel®, installed by Foundation Support of HI, offers homeowners with a quick and cost-effective option that lifts sinking concrete back to level, eliminating trip hazards. A high-density polyurethane is injected under the slabs through small dime-size holes in the slab. Once leveled, the holes are patched and any cracks or control joints can then be sealed with the NexusPro sealant. This prevents moisture from getting under the concrete and softening the soils for future damage. With a quick curing time, you can be back to normal usage within the same day.

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