Summer is an exciting time full of possibilities, and if you want to make some extra cash by selling home goods you no longer use, this season can be your ultimate inspiration. Case in point: patio furniture.

From barbecues and backyard celebrations to lazy, sun-drenched days, it’s peak patio season. Many people are actively scouring recommerce marketplaces to score outdoor furniture and make the most of the summer weather, while being mindful of their spending. For the entrepreneurial-minded, this poses an opportunity to tap into the high demand for patio furniture and make some extra cash.

For those who have seasonal items, such as patio furniture, collecting dust, now is a prime time to unload them and make a little extra cash by selling them on an online recommerce marketplace while interest for those items is at its peak. In fact, “patio furniture” has ranked in the top 10 most searched keywords on resale site OfferUp for more than 10 weeks in a row. Additionally, the percentage of Americans concerned about the direction of the economy and their level of savings has decreased significantly since 2022 — according to the Deloitte Insights State of the US consumer: May 2023 report — further showing that now is the ideal time to cash in.


Wondering how to get started? Here are some tips for selling your patio furniture.


Because these pieces are typically used outdoors, patio furniture can easily get dirty. Before creating your listing, take a few minutes to wipe the items down and clean them up to remove grime and help them look their best.


Once your items are clean, you can assess if any repairs are necessary. Consider making DIY touch-ups or minor repairs that the item may need prior to listing, such as new screws or fresh paint. A little effort can go a long way in this department.


Familiarize yourself with convenient online recommerce marketplaces such as offerup. The mobile app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store — or visit — and you can start reaching a large community of local and national buyers and sellers right away.



Make your listing descriptions as detailed as possible, including color, size and brand. This will help your listing show up on more searches and reach more potential buyers.


To complement the written description, add a variety of high-quality pictures of your items to help showcase what they really look like.


Do a little research to see if others in your area are asking for similar items. Keep in mind that some prefer to negotiate, so if you’re open to that, consider pricing your item slightly higher than the lowest you’ll accept.

People are looking to resale marketplaces now more than ever to fill their home with seasonal items that will help them enjoy the summer. If you have those items — like patio furniture — to unload, it’s the ideal time to prep and list them for a quick and convenient sale online.


This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.