In 1961, the first vinyl exterior products came to Hawaii. That was vinyl siding. Since then, vinyl window and vinyl fencing have become leaders in the maintenance-free home improvement industry for Hawaii. When vinyl siding first appeared in the Hawaii market, most homeowners thought vinyl would not last. After all, it was plastic. Most homeowners were familiar with cheaper forms of vinyl since most products were toys, plastic trash cans and trash bags, and Tupperware. However, Hawaii homeowners have now learned that there are different grades of vinyl, just like how there may be hundreds of different grades for almost any product imaginable such as cars, clothes and even shoes. Some examples are treated lumber versus non-treated lumber. Time has proven vinyl as a superior product for Hawaii because of our salty air. Examples of other competing products are:

Wood: In Hawaii, there is salt and wood rot as well as termites. Plus, regular maintenance is key to preserving wood for any period of time. This will fail.


Aluminum: Salt air will corrode aluminum, plus it needs regular sanding and painting. This will fail.

Steel: Hawaii’s salt air will rust steel sooner or later. For example, about 30 years ago, builders started using steel studs to build homes. Today, as we do home repairs when contractors open the walls up, contractors are finding even though the steel studs were enclosed in the wall, the studs were rusted almost completely. This, of course, is because Hawaii is surrounded by salt air. This will fail.

As fragile and non-maintenance as all these products are, many Hawaii homeowners prefer the look compared to the look of vinyl products. Some think vinyl looks cheap and fake. Now there is an option that gives Hawaii homeowners the best of both worlds. The option is vinyl paint.


About 30 years ago, Matt Houar’s (owner of Tropical Wholesale) father Richard invented vinyl paint. After semi-retiring from the vinyl siding business, Richard had too much time on his hands. During all these extra hours, he tinkered and toyed with the idea of vinyl paint. There are so many areas on a home that need protection that vinyl siding, windows or fencing cannot protect from the elements. So, vinyl paint was created. Vinyl paint can be used on wood, Stucco, concrete, steel and aluminum. Now, vinyl paint is available in Hawaii with a lifetime warranty.

If you are wondering where Hawaii homeowners can get vinyl paint, call Tropical. Tropical is the oldest vinyl siding and vinyl window company in Hawaii. Tropical is the only Hawaii-authorized distributor for vinyl paint and can install it too. For more information, call Tropical at 808-593-2000 or visit Tropical’s showroom at 1351 South Beretania St.

If you prefer not to have vinyl siding, use vinyl paint for your home. For the best vinyl products call Tropical where “vinyl is now final.” And remember, “buy local.”

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