In Hawaii, space is limited and we pay top dollar for every square foot. When the time comes to build a new home or renovate, make the most of what you have. Maximizing space while creating functional living areas requires planning, skill and creativity. For nearly four decades, Homeworks Construction has designed and built custom homes that take advantage of every inch for local families.

Planning with a good builder starts with asking the right questions. Are you a gourmet cook in a mini-kitchen? No problem, add storage with smart cabinet selections, incorporate built-in accessories and use high ceilings for storage. Rearranging your layout, eliminating dead spaces and using height in the room will give you space and save money.


Design makes a difference. Quality construction and design teams understand that small spaces, when managed well, can bring more than any homeowner expects. This could mean extra storage or a bonus area for the kids. Your builder should be well versed in renovating and building local homes. From plantation cottages and multigenerational homes to additional dwelling units (ADUs) and condos, you need a builder that thinks big about building small.

Your home can be functional and feel spacious when you focus on details. Using corner cabinetry, smaller appliances, lighter colors and wider floor planks are just a handful of design elements that can help optimize space. An accurate rendering is important, too. Homeworks Construction offers advanced rendering software to customers. This allows a homeowner to see the details clearly without trying to decipher building or architectural plans.

Your space is hiding, but a skilled company can help you find it under the stairs, above the door, in hallways, over closets and inside rooms with too many doors. Take advantage of your square footage and maximize your space and budget. Contact Homeworks Construction for a free consultation and trust their design and construction team with your renovation or new building project.

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