Uncertainty continues to swirl around the fluctuating financial markets and a potential recession, but with Windows Hawaii’s financing options, attractive savings on superior products and access to rebates, homeowner’s stress eases when upgrading a dwelling.

Windows Hawaii was selected by pleased customers as “Hawaii’s Best Window Replacement Company” 10 years in a row, including first place in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s Hawaii’s Best people’s choice awards for nine consecutive years.


Windows Hawaii general manager Mario Garcia sympathizes with the financial anxiety faced by customers and explains that clients are extremely satisfied after enjoying the value and benefits of the premium Alii Extreme line. He notes that customers rely on Windows Hawaii as the unsurpassed leader in the field and, with multiple discounts available, it’s the perfect time to upgrade a home with the company’s top-quality products, including the bestselling Alii Extreme windows and doors.

SunMatrix is a popular feature of Alii Extreme windows that provides four layers of low emissivity coating to greatly improve energy efficiency. The primary benefit of SunMatrix is its ability to block 99% of harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays — a distinction not offered by any other brand of windows locally. Cooler homes save residents in the long run as energy bills are lowered and possessions are protected from fading and sun damage.

Alii Extreme windows withstand winds up to 120 miles per hour, reduce up to 50% of outside noise and feature three weather strips per window to triple the protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew thanks to an antimicrobial treatment.


After servicing Hawaii for the last 16 years, handling every step from sales to installation, Garcia and his team have noticed an uptick in window replacement jobs that Windows Hawaii takes on to help customers fix their damaged vinyl windows installed by competitors providing inferior products not suited for Hawaii’s unique climate. By offering peace of mind through lifetime warranties on its installed windows, Windows Hawaii’s custom options are the clear choice over cookie-cutter options offered by competitors.

Garcia stresses the importance of researching and utilizing quality products installed by industry professionals and making sure companies are vetted by the Better Business Bureau, hold valid licenses, and are bonded and insured to avoid risk and hidden costs. Competitors may offer lower prices, but with that comes the increased possibility that service and product quality will be lacking, especially when compared to the high standards of Windows Hawaii.

“There are some companies not accredited by the BBB and mislead customers to think they are,” Garcia says. “It’s important to check with various trusted sources — including the BBB, Department of Planning and Permitting, City & County records and sites such as Yelp — to find helpful reviews and guidance during the process. We offer unmatched customer service; call us and experience it today!”


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